Nagarro and A1 Telekom announce ‘A1 Connected Worker’ Smart Glasses and Assisted Reality solution

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March 6, 2020 – Nagarro, a provider of software engineering and technology solutions, and A1 Telekom, an Austrian fixed and mobile network operator, have announced today that they have together implemented a new technology concept, named ‘A1 Connected Worker’, which uses smart glass and assisted reality. Nagarro is the exclusive implementation partner to ensure the optimal use of smart glass and assisted reality technology.

With ‘A1 Connected Worker’, A1 Telekom now offers an individually developed assisted reality solution for business customers that connects employees with each other using smart glasses. The company states that the solution can be used in numerous application scenarios such as repair and maintenance, product assembly or quality control, and helps to make workflows more efficient, less error-prone and even safer in many work environments.

“With A1 Connected Worker we support companies in the digitization of processes that require both mobility and a high degree of employee specialization. Where previously on-site presence of experts was required, workers can now effectively work together virtually using smart glasses and assisted reality technologies. This new solution also opens up completely new possibilities for support and logistics scenarios,” said Marcus Grausam, CEO of A1 Telekom.

Thomas Riedl, Managing Director of Nagarro in Austria, commented: “Having implemented reality solutions for our clients successfully, we are now pleased to announce that we can now offer the A1 Connected Worker solution to Austrian companies together with A1. The interest in smart glass solutions is high, and with our experience we can make a further important contribution to digitalization in Austria.”

The Connected Worker solution will be implemented by A1 together with Nagarro, which has been involved in the development of the solution. The technology was first presented in 2018 and was applied to A1’s workflows. For ÖBB Postbus, the largest bus company in Austria, the customized smart glass solution for bus inspection has been successfully used since May 2019, according to the companies.

Nagarro states that the A1 Connected Worker solution’s smart glass technology will be leveraged to connect employees in maintenance and service, during assembly in production or in materials management. For this purpose, A1 Telekom provides the network infrastructure as well as the technological interfaces and connectivity and ensures security levels for IoT applications. Nagarro will offer consulting, proof-of-concept and integration services according to the customer’s needs. Nagarro’s also added that through its partnership with smart glass manufacturers and industry partners, it will ensure the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software.

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