Vuzix Smart Swim Smart Glasses now shipping for USD $499

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March 5, 2020 – Vuzix Corporation has announced that its Smart Swim Smart Glasses product, has launched for sale on the Vuzix website and on Amazon for USD $499.

Developed by Vuzix Labs, the Company’s rapid development product and engineering division, Smart Swim is a heads-up display for swimmers that provides workout status and training information in real-time, enabling uninterrupted swimming activities. The fully enabled smart glasses device attaches to the swimmer’s own pair of swim goggles. 

Vuzix states that it worked closely with swimmers and coaches in order to develop its smart glasses swim solution, which measures lap times, displays distance covered and downloads workouts. By displaying lap times in front of the user’s eye it is expected to encourage swimmers to push harder and reconsider their technique, improving stamina by removing the need to keep stopping. Furthermore, Smart Swim connects swimmers with their coaches directly, allowing coaches to access the same information in order to analyze it and tailor training routines. Smart Swim also includes a video player to entertain swimmers during longer sessions in the water.

“Vuzix Smart Swim is more than a swimming coach or workout management tool as it transforms the world under the water with its built-in video player, replacing the mundane swimming pool tiles or dark lakes with your favorite TV show, movie or music video,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer. “The product is also versatile as it is waterproofed and can be worn on many types of goggles, from swimming, mountaineering in a downpour, or kayaking down the rapids.”

The company first announced its Smart Swim augmented reality swimming product at the start of this year. The product has also received two CES 2020 Innovation Awards in recognition of its outstanding design and engineering. Smart Swim is available here.

Image credit: Vuzix Corporation

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