NexTech announces launch of its ‘ARitize’ self service 3D AR publishing platform for e-commerce

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September 25, 2019 – NexTech AR Solutions has announced the launch of its ‘ARitize’ self service 3D AR publishing platform for e-commerce.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech, commented: “Augmented reality has transcended the demo stage, becoming a vital part of today’s product and retail strategies”. He continued, “The race is on to ARitize or convert 2D objects into 3D immersive demonstrations with SNAP, Apple and Samsung all racing to be first to market with new 3D mobile scanning and viewing devices. Our platform is an industry first, and allows anyone with a 3D model to upload the model and start using it as an AR object immediately, no programming required, which was incredibly hard to do and we believe will be a great tool for helping companies to accelerate AR integration globally.”

NexTech states that the ARitize website was created for brands and companies alike, to curate immersive, white-label experiences for selling, teaching, and sharing products and services. ARitize allows for the creation of digital twins through the use of smartphones, scanners, or 3D modelling software like Maya, Cinema 4D, or 3D Studio Max. The website aims to democratize the process of ‘ARitizing’ e-commerce businesses, according to the company.

Furthermore, in addition to providing self service AR, NexTech expects that the ARitize website will also act as a lead generation tool that helps accelerate the signup of new SaaS subscribers for the company, thanks to the “enhanced SEO behind NexTech’s new product site”. NexTech states that the website will be updated regularly with new content pertaining to products, solutions, business activities, milestones, and events demonstrating optimized sales conversions and ease-of-use from ARitize products.

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