Nextech AR launches version 2.0 of its ‘AiR Show’ Augmented Reality music app

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February 12, 2021 – Nextech AR Solutions, a provider of augmented reality (AR), virtual event live streaming experiences, and services for 3D ads, eCommerce, and education, has recently announced the launch of version 2.0 of its ‘AiR Show’ app, an application that allows users to watch performances from real people in their own homes and turns musical artists into a ‘live’ hologram that users can interact with, providing an immersive and engaging AR experience. 

Nextech stated that with this 2.0 release and the soon to be released 2.1 version, its AR AiR Show app is gearing up to become a full service, AI driven app, with no green screen required so that users can create AR powered human holograms anywhere and by anyone. The AR human holograms will be shareable on social platforms including TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. The company added that it has also had success in testing and is pursuing additional technological advancements within AiR Show including live streaming of human holograms.

AiR Show 2.0 includes two major feature additions, the integration of QR code scanning and in-app purchasing capabilities. When scanned, a QR code takes a user directly to an experience within AiR Show and can be shared via email, social networks, or printed. The in-app purchasing capabilities will allow users to purchase premium content. New versions of the app are available on iOS and Android devices and can be synced with Nextech’s Virtual Experience Platform (VXP) and other product offerings.

Additionally, the Nextech team is currently working on integrating virtual venues into the app, giving users the ability to see holograms in an interactive 3D space, in an effort to create a truly immersive concert experience. As a result of COVID19, live performances have been almost completely shut down, which has opened the door to virtual music events and using AR for VIP interactions, according to Nextech.

Commenting on the latest app release, Elliott Rothman, Director of Interactive Experience at Nextech AR said: “We’re continuously bringing fundamental changes to the app to create realistic and shareable moments that will bring users together for an unforgettable experience. With AiR Show 2.0’s latest features, we are creating consistency between all of our mobile apps, and this is just the first of many improvements we have in the pipeline.”

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR added: “Our team has been hard at work developing the latest technological improvements to bring interactive AR music experiences into the homes of millions globally and with the release of AiR Show’s upcoming features, we’re on our way to becoming the leader in next generation entertainment. Beyond entertainment we see enormous business use cases for our livestreaming human holograms considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of AR.

“Just imagine instead of a Zoom call using our AiR Show app you just beam into someone’s office or home and stand in the room with the other person as if you are actually there, but instead you are on the other side of the country or world. I believe that the technology that we are developing and will soon be launching really has the possibility of changing the world!”

To learn more about Nextech AR’s augmented reality solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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