NexTech lands deal with Challenger Motor Freight Inc. to create Augmented Reality recruitment experiences

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September 19, 2019 – NexTech AR Solutions has announced that it has landed a deal with Challenger Motor Freight Inc., one of Canada’s largest privately owned transportation and logistics companies with over 1,500 trucks and 3,300 trailers. Challenger Motor Freight currently has over 2,000 employees and has engaged NexTech to create Augmented Reality (AR) recruitment experiences aimed at enhancing their recruitment efforts.

Through the use of hologram brand ambassadors and AR technology, Challenger Motor Freight is looking to give new prospective drivers a truly personal tour on their journey to becoming a Challenger employee.

“We’re excited that through our ARitize platform we’re able to create value for such a large and well respected company as Challenger, showcasing how augmented reality can enhance recruitment and new employee engagement,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech. “Our ARitize platform is a powerful tool which allows brands to curate an immersive, branded experience where they can sell, teach, communicate and share their product, service or experience through Augmented Reality accessible on a device all consumers use regularly – their mobile phone.”

Nextech has signed a series of deals and agreements over the course of the last four weeks, with this latest announcement on Challenger being the fourth such instance. Other recent successes for the company include agreements signed with Gunwerks, LA Police, and Alpine Innovative Research Inc.

Image credit: NexTech AR Solutions/Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

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