NNTC and Vuzix announce upgrade to iFalcon Face Control Mobile AI facial recognition platform on Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses

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May 12, 2020 – Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, together with NNTC, a Dubai-based software developer and solution provider, has today announced that iFalcon Face Control Mobile, a fully autonomous AI-powered face recognition system that is integrated with the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, has been upgraded to a more powerful and robust solution ready for 4G/5G city-wide deployments.

The iFalcon Face Control Mobile Release 2.0, designed for law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol to screen crowds and match faces against a database of missing or suspected people without requiring a network of CCTV cameras, can now manage hundreds of wearable devices and thousands of stationary cameras in a single interface, according to the companies.

Detections and alerts are now propagated to nearby security personnel and operational centers. For field units in 4G/5G-covered communities, the direct transmission of video streams via Vuzix Blade AR glasses or bodycams to a central server can be performed for video processing and face matching. The upgraded software applies the use of GPS location data, and makes it available to users so that they can receive patrol and system notifications, as well as access online information about locations, status, alerts and situations from other team members.

As a result of its autonomous facial recognition system, earlier this year NNTC became a member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, an ecosystem of more than 900 companies working within the IoT industry. The 2.0 release of iFalcon Face Control Mobile uses the 8th Generation Intel Core processor (i7-8650U 1.90 GHz to 4.20 GHz Turbo, Quad Core, 8MB Cache, 15W TDP) as the heart of the wearable mobile server.

Additionally, the new iFalcon Face Control setup is now 500 grams lighter and features only one battery instead of two, making the system more mobile, according to NNTC. The company is also considering adding OpenVino, Intel’s AI and computer vision platform into future releases of the product.

“The world is changing and political, economic and even medical situations bring new challenges to police and security forces around the globe. Authorities are turning to emerging technologies to address those issues. Video analytics and facial biometrics are some of the best available response options,” said Dmitry Doshaniy, General Manager at NNTC. “Following the production rollout of our unique wearable face recognition solution, we have received invaluable feedback from the field. The NNTC team is glad to present the pinnacle of our efforts to bring facial recognition and video analytics where it is needed.”

Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, commented: “The overall design and see-through waveguide optics of the Vuzix Blade are critical must-have features for deployments into security operations. We’re excited about the iFalcon Face Control Mobile 2.0 release, which offers new functionality and features that will help unify security forces to monitor their communities using Vuzix smart glasses technology.”

The companies first announced their partnership and integration of the iFalcon Face Control Mobile with Vuzix’ Blade smart glasses in June 2019.

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