Vuzix and NNTC announce AI-powered facial recognition system integrated with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses

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June 10, 2019 – Vuzix Corporation, together with NNTC, a Dubai based software developer and solutions provider, has announced iFalcon Face Control Mobile, a fully autonomous AI-powered face recognition system integrated with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

The iFalcon Face Control Mobile solution using the Vuzix Blade was demoed at the Minister of Interior Innovation Summit in Abu Dhabi in February. Approximately 50 Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses have been delivered to NNTC and are currently being deployed into several security operations in the region.

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, which have a similar form factor to everyday sunglasses, utilize a built-in camera on the glasses to detect faces. Information is then transmitted to a wearable portable computer over a wireless channel. The portable computer processes face images and compares them with faces from a locally stored database to find a match. Once a match is found, the solution retrieves relevant information from the database and instantly sends an alert to the wearer via the Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses.

The iFalcon Face Control Mobile is designed for law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol, and when synched to Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, enables security personnel to easily and discreetly screen a crowd to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects. Capabilities of the iFalcon Face Control Mobile solution include:

  • Detection of up to 15 faces per videoframe in under 1 second;
  • Can handle 1 million unique faces in the database;
  • No cloud data connectivity is required.

Dmitry Doshaniy, General Manager at NNTC, said: “We are very happy with the way Vuzix Blade complements our wearable face recognition solution. First of all, our customers love the product design and features. As a software developer we appreciate the flexibility, technical and pre-sale support that Vuzix offers. They also have solid vision for the product future that gives a peace of mind to us and the customers as well.”

Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, commented: “The overall design and the see-through waveguide optics of the Vuzix Blade are critical must have features for deployments into security operations. We’re excited to see this customer move rapidly from proof of concept to deployment within security operations.”

Image and video credit: NNTC/YouTube

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