Oculus announces the next phase of Hand Tracking on Quest

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May 18, 2020 – Last year Oculus released hand tracking on Quest as an Experimental feature, which allowed people to use their real hands to interact in VR without controllers. The company also rolled out a preview SDK to allow developers to begin experimenting with the new mode of input. Oculus states that since then, it has continued to improve hand tracking on Quest while adding more features and functionality.

As a result, the company is announcing that the next Quest software update for hand tracking will be starting this week, as it moved out of the Experimental Features section and into general release. Furthermore, Oculus will begin accepting third-party titles that include hand tracking to the Oculus Store on May 28. Click here to learn more.

Users will be able to experience the freedom and presence of hands in VR with the following apps that are launching with hand tracking support this month in the Oculus Store:

  • Elixir – Players can explore an unstable alchemy lab to obtain new and powerful hands, cast spells, mix potions, and poke a nauseated dragon. All of which will have an unexpected effect on the anatomy of the user’s fingers;
  • The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets – Users help to solve the mystery of the stolen pets by exploring miniature worlds crafted from the ground up for VR. Every world is unique, full of interactions and colorful life;
  • Waltz of the Wizard – An experience that lets users feel what it’s like to have magical powers. Players can combine arcane ingredients into a cauldron, unleashing creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive world designed to feel believable;
  • Cinematic Narratives Set: Gloomy Eyes & The Line – Two award-winning immersive experiences that are both launching with hand tracking. Featuring the voice of Colin Farrell, Gloomy Eyes tells the story of a zombie kid and a mortal girl who fall in love. The Line portrays a world of miniatures where routine is paramount and everything is always the same, until it’s not. These interactive films will be available on May 28.

In addition to today’s announcement on hand tracking, Oculus has also announced several other software updates, including updates to its Guardian system, further integration with the Facebook platform, and new app solutions for remote working. As well as this, the company has also confirmed sales figures in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Quest and Rift S platforms.

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