Polish Augmented Reality start-up Reetail:AR unveils AR e-commerce solution for businesses

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June 3, 2020 – Poland-based augmented reality (AR) start-up, Reetail:AR, has today unveiled its AR e-commerce solution for businesses, along with a partnership with a Polish baby furniture brand.

Reetail:AR’s solution is designed to help e-commerce retailers by blurring the lines between online shopping and traditional offline shopping in a physical store, and allows online shoppers to fully interact with products on e-commerce websites remotely. Through the partnership with the furniture company Woodies Safe Dreams, Reetail:AR will serve as a channel for Woodies to deploy WebAR technology for AR projections of some of its baby furniture products.

Much like IKEA Place and Houzz, Reetail:AR helps to combat the drawback of online shopping — the inability to experience products in person. With Reetail:AR, brands and retailers can present a 360° view of their goods and give potential buyers the ability to “place” items in the real world (with size to scale) to visualize the look and fit. Reetail:AR is accessible via web browsers, which helps to reduce friction with transactions by overcoming the fact that shoppers are reluctant to download individual apps from brands and retailers.

Reetail:AR states that it wants to familiarize the furniture, electronics & home appliances industries with the opportunities that AR offers. As a result, the company has decided to work with Woodies to take advantage of the popularity of some of its products, which have been picked up by Polish social media influencers, according to the company. Furthermore, Reetail:AR states that Woodies views the implementation of augmented reality as an important next step in the development of its online shopping experience and as a result plans to implement AR for all its products.

Due to current restrictions in place around non-essential travel for various parts of the globe, showroom visits might prove difficult, if simply not possible. Live AR projections can therefore be used to support customers through the decision-making process as they shop online. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, a simplified decision-making process helps to increase the likelihood of purchase by 86%, increases confidence in purchases, and reduces the chances of product returns. Reetail:AR states that augmented reality technology has now become “an indispensable tool for a business’ survival.”

Reetail:AR’s e-commerce solution is WebAR-based, globally available, and scalable to allow collaboration with businesses of all sizes.

Image / video credit:  Reetail:AR / Auganix / Woodies Safe Dreams

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