RealWear acquires assets of Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen for USD $3.5 million

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August 8, 2019 – Knowledge transfer platform company, RealWear, has today announced that it has acquired the assets of Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen. In a separate announcement made today, Kopin disclosed the transaction amount as being USD $3.5 million.

“We are appreciative of our continuing partnership with Kopin as we continue to lead and expand the emerging industrial wearable product market,” said Andy Lowery, Cofounder and CEO, RealWear.

RealWear stated that the market needs are broad and this product capability addresses additional segments beyond the company’s current products while leveraging its existing HMT wearable computing platform.

Paul Baker, SVP Strategic Business Officer, Kopin Corporation, commented: “RealWear’s success and leadership in the market set the right conditions to make this deal beneficial for both parties.” He added, “We are excited to see RealWear build on its established success and bring the new product line to market. We will continue to support RealWear as one of our closest partners.”

As part of Kopin’s own announcement, the company provided an update on its business initiatives. Dr. John C.C. Fan, CEO of Kopin said of the acquisition: “During the past few years, Kopin has developed advanced concept wearable systems for both enterprise and consumer markets. These concept systems have helped Kopin create industry leading components and modules for our wearable customers, such as our display modules for the new version of Google Glass, and the growing demand of our display modules from RealWear, to whom we licensed our original concept Golden-i system for an ongoing royalty stream, equity position and component sales. This successful model led us to aggressively pursue similar opportunities.”

As part of the acquisition, Kopin will receive future royalties and will sell display component supplies. The company anticipates that thanks to RealWear’s position supplying AR headsets to the enterprise markets, this will help increase distribution and demand for Golden-i Infinity technology, thereby benefiting Kopin through the sale of displays, royalty income and equity appreciation.

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