Leon’s Furniture announces new concept store in BC will utilize Augmented Reality technology to help shoppers

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August 9, 2019 – Leon’s Furniture Limited has announced a new concept store in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. The new 15,000 sq. ft. space differs from the chain’s usual large-scale stores, and instead invites customers to browse a curated collection of furniture and appliances through the use of augmented reality features, as well as a video wall, that allow customers to shop the full product range.

The introduction of this retail technology gives Coquitlam customers access to a selection usually reserved for larger Leon’s locations. Guests can browse through the entire collection and obtain any desired product QR codes on one of four touchscreen stations. The interactive experience also introduces customers to additional products and custom colours not available on the showroom floor.

The showroom will house an 11-foot video wall that allows shoppers to view any product from Leon’s in real size. The company stated that the installation aims to provide a new way for shoppers to interact with its product line. Leon’s Sales Associates can also show customers a product in augmented reality alongside other pieces in the showroom, to help with room planning. The store will also feature new mobile point-of-sale tablets, which are voice activated to help speed up the checkout process and completion of order/payment/delivery forms.

“We want to combine the convenience of online shopping with the trusted assistance and customer service that Leon’s is known for,” said Leon’s Divisional President, Mike Walsh. “The installations and technology that we have in the new Coquitlam store are really an amalgamation of the best of both these worlds.”

The new tech flagship store will also act as a test store for other locations, with the potential for a future wave of updates to Leon’s existing stores and the possible addition of more new concept stores.

The company now has 51 corporately owned retail stores across the country, with 34 franchise locations. The company also noted that it has a focus on expanding in British Columbia, with the new Coquitlam store being Leon’s fifth store in the province.

Image credit: Leon’s Furniture Limited

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