RealWear launches new ‘RealWear Cloud’ software offering for device management

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August 4, 2022 – RealWear, a provider of assisted reality wearable solutions for frontline industrial workers, has recently launched ‘RealWear Cloud’, marking the company’s major shift from a hardware-centric company to a fully platform-centric business. The company stated that the launch is a major step towards a full platform that will deliver “assisted intelligence.”

RealWear Cloud is a new multi-purpose software offering for IT and business operations. Through the new dashboard, IT and Business Operations can remotely and securely streamline control of their RealWear device fleet. As companies grow their fleet of RealWear devices, RealWear Cloud allows for over-the-air firmware updates, keeping devices secure and company data protected.

Working alongside organizations’ existing EMM or MDRM software such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager (InTune), RealWear Cloud provides teams with more real-time data and metrics to help optimize operational efficiency. The solution is also the only way to gain trusted and secure access to certified third-party apps designed for RealWear’s product portfolio, according to the company.

In addition, RealWear is introducing RealWear Cloud Assistance as part of the new offering, which provides real-time remote technical support and troubleshooting to frontline workers to quickly identify, diagnose and fix device issues.

“As the deployment of RealWear devices grows across sites and countries, it’s critical that we provide great IT tools and real-time metrics for those ultimately responsible for the successful deployment of the devices in the field,” said Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman and CEO of RealWear. “We’re capturing data that will drive better decisions. It’s exciting to see RealWear transitioning from a device-centric company to a platform solution company with the introduction of our first software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.”

RealWear Cloud will provide a two-tier offering: Basic and Pro. Cloud, RealWear’s previous lightweight device management tool, will transition to RealWear Cloud. The company noted that current Cloud customers will automatically be enrolled in the Basic plan.

“Wearable technologies are becoming more and more mainstream in the enterprise, and making deployments simple and frictionless is one of our key goals,” continued Chrostowski. “Wearables are no longer viewed as a novelty but are now trusted by enterprises to bring value and solve real-world problems.”

For more information on RealWear and its new RealWear Cloud solution for the management of assisted reality wearables, please visit the company’s website.

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