Rendever announces worldwide availability of its new ‘RendeverFit’ Virtual Reality social fitness and wellbeing platform for seniors

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January 3, 2022 – Rendever, a virtual reality (VR) company created to assist seniors in overcoming social isolation through shared experiences, has today announced that its interdisciplinary VR fitness platform, RendeverFit, is now shipping globally. RendeverFit, which first became available for preorders in September 2021, is a VR application that blends physical and cognitive fitness for seniors while also boosting socialization.

According to the company, RendeverFit was designed to make physical activity engaging and fun for residents in senior living communities, as well as to help improve mental health and emotional, psychological, and cognitive function among older adults. 

“When we started exploring the fitness landscape, it was clear that older adults haven’t had access to products accommodating their mobility needs that also drive motivation to engage and exercise,” said Kyle Rand, co-founder and CEO of Rendever. “Research shows that physical activity among seniors can delay the onset of dementia and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. By working with senior living communities and hospice care providers, seniors who can no longer physically take walks or ride a bike now have an alternate, social experience that will keep them moving – and smiling.”

RendeverFit offers three modules within the platform, including:  

  • Cycle: This activity offers participants the chance to cycle through different landscapes with their friends as they reach out, pop colored balloons, and compete for high scores;
  • Paddle: In this activity, participants work on their hand-eye coordination as they develop their swing through target practice on a remote island;
  • Paint: Participants are invited to a creative immersive environment where they can move around their virtual canvas while painting in 3D. This module is an extension of MultiBrush, the multiplayer version of Tilt Brush that the company released in February 2021.

As each of the modules includes interactive hand games, Rendever chose Pico Interactive’s Neo 3 Pro as its hardware of choice. The Neo 3 Pro headset offers improved accuracy with its 6DoF room-scale tracking and is lightweight, with an ergonomic counterweight design, something that Rendever states made it an ideal choice for seniors.  

“With our Neo 3 Pro headsets for the enterprise, we continue to develop new features to support our wide range of platforms. One unique feature we’ve been developing is our hand tracking. It will make it possible for users to have more control over their hand movements, which is especially important in activities like those developed for RendeverFit,” said Leland Hedges, General Manager of Pico Interactive in Europe. “Hand tracking will ultimately deliver a better experience in virtual reality for users. Rendever will be one of the first to use hand tracking in their platform. It’s great to see it being rolled out for such a good cause by helping seniors maintain an active lifestyle.”

RendeverFit is currently available to order for all senior living communities and healthcare organizations worldwide. To learn more about Rendever and its VR solutions for senior living, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Rendever

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