Rendever unveils its ‘RendeverFit’ Virtual Reality fitness platform for senior living and long-term care

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September 8, 2021 – Rendever, a provider of a virtual reality (VR) platform built to help seniors overcome social isolation through shared experiences, has announced the launch of its new interdisciplinary VR fitness platform, ‘RendeverFit’ – a VR application that merges physical fitness with cognitive fitness and socialization, designed specifically for older adults. The new product offering comes on the heels of a USD $2 million NIH Phase II grant, allowing the Rendever team to further research the impact of VR on seniors.

RendeverFit was created to combine physical activity with social engagement for senior living residents with physical activity and social engagement for older adults, both of which can help to improve overall physical and mental wellbeing, according to Rendever.

Commenting on the launch of RendeverFit, Kyle Rand, Cofounder and CEO of Rendever, said: “Social health is a critical factor when families are considering whether it is best for a loved one to transition into a senior living community or remain at home. Through Rendever’s research, we understand the impact of virtual reality on residents’ social health, and are excited to continue growing our platform to take a more holistic approach to wellbeing.” Rand continued, “By combining healthy physical movement with the overall wellness of increased socialization, RendeverFit will help senior living communities expand their resident care through our fun and dynamic platform. The new RendeverFit platform will follow in the footsteps of other award-winning Rendever products, giving communities an arsenal of tools to utilize daily while delivering high quality care.”

At launch, there will be three modules within the RendeverFit platform, including ‘Cycle’, ‘Paddle’, and ‘Paint’ – which leverages MultiBrush by Rendever, a multiplayer version of Tilt Brush that the company released in February.

“VR is proven to naturally get people moving, whether it be looking around in a headset or moving one’s arms to control the experience. RendeverFit is designed to engage residents with safe full-body movement while allowing them to get creative and compete against their neighbors,” said Tom Neumann, Cofounder and CTO of Rendever. “By introducing an element of fun, we’ve heard from staff that residents are motivated and excited to exercise via RendeverFit.”

RendeverFit is Rendever’s first product in the exercise space, but follows other recent developments in the company’s approach to broadening health benefits. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company launched RendeverLive to deliver live programming that includes weekly mindfulness sessions, and has been onboarding outside health and wellness instructors through the platform. Most recently, the company announced a mental health programming partnership with Muse, a provider of an EEG-powered sleep tracking and meditation app and platform.

“When I witnessed RendeverFit with my community members, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and tangible applications this platform will provide. The residents and my team were astounded by what the future holds,” said Marcus Kubicheck at Monarch Healthcare Management. “It was a beautiful experience to see the authentic smiles that everyone shared, especially after exercising! RendeverFit IS the future of long-term care and a shining example of a clinical therapeutic intervention that promotes community health.”

RendeverFit will be officially unveiled at the 2021 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, September 13 to 15, 2021. Attendees of the conference will be able to demo and experience RendeverFit for the first time by visiting Rendever’s booth (#529) within the Exhibitor Expo. 

The company states that its RendeverFit platform is currently available for pre-order for all senior living communities and healthcare organizations, with system delivery beginning in December 2021. To learn more about Rendever and its VR solutions for senior living and long-term care, please visit the company’s website

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