Samsung and Microsoft announce Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality headset

October 3, 2017 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., in partnership with Microsoft, today announced the Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality (MR) headset.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey features dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays that provide a 110-degree field of view, built-in AKG headphones for 360 degree spatial sound, array mics for voice commands, a Six Degrees of Freedom* (6 DOF) sensor, and two motion controllers.

“The Samsung HMD Odyssey is a high performing headset designed to provide the most immersive Windows Mixed Reality experience” said YG Choi, Senior Vice President of PC Business Team, Samsung Electronics. “With the widest field of view, built-in spatial sound and easy setup, the Samsung HMD Odyssey transports consumers to incredible virtual reality experiences.”

The Windows Mixed Reality experience with the Samsung HMD Odyssey has been designed to give users an immersive experience straight out of the box. Unlike typical head-mounted displays, there is not a need to install any extra motion sensors. Instead, users can connect to a PC and get started. With inside-out position tracking, users are not restricted to a limited space during their virtual reality experience.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow at Microsoft said, “We’re excited to welcome the Samsung HMD Odyssey to the Windows Mixed Reality family of devices. This is an incredible product and another important step for the mixed reality journey we are on at Microsoft.  With the Samsung HMD Odyssey, the team at Samsung has developed a Windows Mixed Reality headset that will delight our fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of mixed reality.”

The Samsung HMD Odyssey will be available later this year in the US, China, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong, with pre-orders beginning in the US only on October 3.

Samsung HMD Odyssey (Headset) Specifications:

  • Platform Windows Mixed Reality
  • Display:
    • Dual 3.5” AMOLED
    • 1,440 x 1,600 @90/60Hz
  • Interface: HDMI2.0 + USB 3.0 Interface Bound Cable (4m Length)
  • Lens: Single Fresnel
  • Field of View: Φ 66, FOV 110º, 6.7X
  • IPD: 60-72mm Range
  • Camera:
    • 6 DOF Camera x 2
    • Accelerometer(6 Axis), Gyrometer (6 Axis)
    • Compass(3 Axis), Proximity Sensor, IPD Sensor
  • Sensor:
    • Accelerometer(6 Axis), Gyrometer (6 Axis)
    • Compass(3 Axis), Proximity Sensor, IPD Sensor
  • Acoustics: 2 MIC Support, Cortana, Built-in AKG Headphone
  • Control & Function: Volume, IPD Adjustment
  • Dimensions: 202mm(W) x 131.5mm(D) x 111mm(H)
  • Weight: 645g

Samsung HMD Odyssey (Controller) Specifications:

  • Control & Function
    • Touchpad (Clickable), Menu button
    • Windows/Controller power button, Trigger, Thumbstick, Indicator light
  • Sensor
    • Accelerometer (6 Axis), Gyrometer (6 Axis)
    • Compass(3 Axis)
  • Battery: AA Battery x 2 each
  • Dimensions: 154.2 x 119.1 x 119.1mm
  • Weight: 160g

*6 DOF refers to the freedom of movement in a 3 dimensional space. Unlike many VR controllers that recognizes 3 axis, 6 DOF gives you the freedom to move forward and back, left and right, up and down, yaw, pitch, and roll.

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Image credit: Samsung

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