Samsung launches its ‘Pilot Season’ initiative for episodic VR content on Samsung VR Video service

April 23, 2018 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., today launched ‘Pilot Season’, a new initiative aimed at infusing exclusive original episodic Virtual Reality (VR) content into the Samsung VR Video service. Pilot Season is part of the company’s efforts to expand its VR content offerings and drive growth within the independent VR filmmaker community.

Through the program, a select set of indie filmmakers received a grant from Samsung to create original VR episodes and were offered the opportunity to utilize the 360 Round camera, Samsung’s 360-degree camera. In addition, filmmakers receive exclusive distribution via a dedicated channel on the Samsung VR Video service.

Users will be able to find the Pilot Season debut episodes with a Samsung Gear VR with Controller, coupled with compatible Galaxy smartphone devices such as Galaxy S9 or S9+ on the Oculus store.

Pilot Season content includes:

“&Design” (Sibling Rivalry and Curious Octopus) – An original episodic series that presents design in its intersection with science, technology and anthropology, that takes audiences on a journey around the globe to reveal the stories of different projects and the Artists behind them.

“Bro Bots” (Breaking Fourth) – A scripted sci-fi comedy series in VR, set in a New York City of the future.

“The Interpretation of Dreams” (Graham Sack & Sensorium) – An episodic narrative fiction series that reimagines some of Sigmund Freud’s case studies as immersive VR dreamscapes.

“Lightcatcher” (Occupied VR, RSA VR) – A Virtual Reality adventure odyssey that revolves around earth and its people in the year 2150.

“Sam’s Surreal Gems” (RSA VR, Hey Wonderful) – Set in a collection of real world locations, this VR series challenges viewers to spot eight surreal and unexpected Easter eggs hidden within each episode.

“Voyages – Pilot” (Kaleidoscope) – A virtual reality animation comprised of six movements, that guides the user through the arc of an entire life from birth to death.

Samsung states that its 360 Round offers those working professionally with 360 and VR video a solution for content creation, with the ability to capture and livestream content in a variety of conditions.

Samsung recently enhanced 360 Round by adding a new mobile app allowing for preview of content and remote controls for the camera. Other announcements included making several improvements to the livestreaming and post production process, including real time calibration of stitch lines, and color and light correction capabilities. In addition, filmmakers can now upload 360 Round content directly to the Samsung VR Video creator portal.

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Video credit: Samsung/YouTube

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