Samsung Ventures increases its investment in waveguide technology company DigiLens

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April 20, 2020 – DigiLens Inc., an innovator in holographic waveguide display technology for extended reality (XR), has today announced that Samsung Venture Investment Corp (Samsung Ventures), has increased its investment in DigiLens. The company states that this added investment will help to solidify DigiLens’ position in the industry, and anticipates that its technology will enable head-worn XR products at a consumer price point.

Samsung Ventures first invested in DigiLens’ Series C round and has again invested through a convertible debt instrument. DigiLens develops waveguide displays and laser waveguide-based light engines that the company states provide a cost effective and scalable solution for mass production of high-quality XR waveguide displays.

According to DigiLens, while wearable form factors are improving due to the use of waveguide displays, weight and price continue to be major barriers to mass adoption of head-worn XR. DigiLens’ waveguide displays work with the company’s waveguide based light engine technology, and it is this combination that the company states is what makes them smaller, thinner and lighter than conventional optics and light engines, as well as cheaper to mass produce.

“Samsung Ventures is a partner who fully understands all the different challenges of the XR ecosystem. Optics are by far the hardest element of the next platform – especially when it comes to packaging them at an affordable price point and sleek form factor that will attract mass adoption,” said Chris Pickett, DigiLens CEO. “XR devices simply can’t work without a compelling optical solution – they are the window into augmenting the world with digital content and we believe DigiLens’ light engine and waveguide solution will finally bring quality optics to the market. We’re hugely proud of our ecosystem of licensed manufacturers, software partners and OEM investors who continue to support us in this mission.”

DigiLens’ proprietary optical photopolymer and holographic printing tools direct light passed from the light engine through polymer waveguides, to allow digital content to be placed in the users’ real-world context. The binocular, full-color, transparent and wide field-of-view optical experience gives a fully immersive, 3D, high quality visual experience, whether inside or outside in bright sunlight – packaged within a light-weight head worn design.

“A light-weight, daylight bright smartglasses form factor has become even more important in today’s dynamic marketplace. And for this, it’s important to consider the entire optical chain and system efficiency as a whole solution,” said Alastair Grant, DigiLens Senior Vice President of Optical Engineering. “It’s an honor to have our products validated by the global leader in consumer electronics, I’m excited to be strengthening our relationship with Samsung Ventures and enhancing our partnership on this next phase of our journey together.”

DigiLens states that it is focused on providing the right balance of quality, cost and manufacturability of XR optical solutions that will bring about the next generation of mobile platforms, and that it recognizes the importance of the entire XR ecosystem. The company works with its partners in hardware, software, and manufacturing to bring head worn consumer experiences to reality. This includes working with companies such as Continental, a provider of heads-up displays (HUDs) for the automotive industry, as well as other government contractors, who use DigiLens to build waveguide displays for heads-up guidance systems in select aircraft.

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