Subvrsive announces platform for app-less AR experiences

March 7, 2019 – Austin-based studio, Subvrsive, has announced, an augmented reality platform designed to let brands and agencies publish and share AR experiences straight to the web. The platform, which is a finalist in the 22nd annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards, eliminates the need for users to download an app in order to interact with AR content.

Most users have to download a dedicated app to experience AR content, so Subvrsive has developed to address this problem and to allow brands to share AR experiences directly in a browser in order to reach the growing number of users with AR capable smartphones and tables.

With, companies can showcase their products in AR on their websites, in email campaigns, in ads, and anywhere they can share a standard link. automatically detects what devices are being used to access content and serves up the best possible app-less experience based on that information.

“As AR continues to seep into the mainstream, offers brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes the ability to leverage this emerging technology to differentiate themselves from the competition, delight their customers, and drive sales,” said Anthony Burke, CEO at Subvrsive. “And for brands and businesses with products to sell, we believe our platform is a game changer.”

The company states that one of the key features of is that it can wrap custom code and functionality around branded AR experiences to allow for advanced interaction such as product configuration, linking directly to ecommerce, mini games, coupons, and more.

Additionally, the platform provides analytics detailing user demographics and behavior, which can be delivered to clients via reports, dashboards, or as an extension of their site’s existing analytics platform.

Subvrsive will be exhibiting as part of the SXSW Interactive Awards Finalist Showcase in Austin, TX on Saturday, March 9.

Video credit: Subvrsive/YouTube

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