Swedish startup Gleechi closes SEK 25 million investment to accelerate and expand its Virtual Reality training capabilities

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April 15, 2021 – Gleechi, a virtual reality (VR) training platform provider, has this week announced an investment totalling SEK 25 million (approximately USD $2.96 million) from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund to accelerate and expand the Gleechi VR training platform and core technologies.

The investment will enable Gleechi to package and offer its VR training platform capabilities in order to address its customers’ growing needs as they increasingly depend on VR technology. Through further development in platform components, Gleechi aims to deliver VR training as a scalable software-as-service solution.

The Gleechi VR training platform leverages the company’s ‘VirtualGrasp’ technology to offer more natural hand interaction capabilities, thereby allowing customers to provide remote workforces with advanced training to aid learning-by-doing, and help improve safety and business efficiency. 

According to the company, VirtualGrasp takes a different approach to VR object interaction by using “object intelligence”, as opposed to a predetermined way for how an object is to be held in an immersive setting. Objects are able to define how they can be interacted with, which the company states eliminates the need to “predefine and artificially limit what is possible” – see the video below for an example. The VirtualGrasp platform supports all major VR headsets, including Oculus , HTC Vive, Pico and Varjo devices.

José Fernando Figueiredo, an EIC Fund Investment Committee member, said: “Gleechi is a prime example of European innovation – using virtual reality technology to provide essential training to meet the needs of globally distributed remote workforces as well as in creating solutions for some of the major problems in the industry”.

Nicklas Bergman, also an EIC Fund Investment Committee member, added: “This strategic investment represents our continued confidence in virtual reality training as a vital business tool and in Gleechi to continue to deliver exciting innovations by leveraging their unique technology.”

Gleechi stated that as a result of the ongoing global pandemic, it has experienced exponential growth in interest for its VR training offering. Jakob Way, CEO at Gleechi, commented: “The ongoing global pandemic has forced a re-think in how companies work and operate. Consequently, our long-standing belief that virtual reality training will be increasingly adopted as a vital business tool has been radically accelerated. VR training is now solidified as a readily deployable here-and-now solution that delivers immediate benefits.”

Way continued: “We are exceptionally well-positioned to meet the demand for VR training by making our platform more accessible, complemented by unique VirtualGrasp technology that can support advanced training requirements.”

Gleechi states that it is continuing to expand rapidly and is actively recruiting in both technology and business functions to meet the increased demand for VR training. For more information on the company, please click here.

Image / video credit: Gleechi / YouTube

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