VirZOOM announces launch of VZfit Virtual Reality fitness app on Oculus Quest devices

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April 15, 2021 – VirZOOM, a provider of virtual reality (VR) fitness solutions, has today announced its latest fitness app, VZfit for Oculus Quest 1 & 2 devices. VZfit extends workouts to anyone who wants to experience the world and get fit from the comfort of their own home.

VZfit allows users to be transported to anywhere they want to go in the world thanks to the app’s integration of data from Google Maps Street View, which enables users to workout whilst exploring Google’s 10 million miles of Street View data. According to VirZOOM, VZfit’s patented motion control technology takes Google Maps Street View data and utilizes the available depth data to map the images onto a 3D environment around a user, without causing any motion discomfort.

Users have the option of either full-body workouts using the Quest standalone headsets, or they can connect most smart bike devices and trainer sensors to the app using a USD $20 cadence sensor, allowing them to travel whilst cycling on a stationary bike.

Other features of the VZfit app include: 

  • Alerts for points of interest along a route;
  • The ability to take snapshots along the way and share these instantly to social media;
  • Ability to workout with friends and follow their progress, as well as join leaderboards and events;
  • Users can follow ready-made routes, or can explore the world on their own by steering with their head;
  • Connection to Strava and Fitbit for tracking workouts;
  • Ability to stream music through;
  • Multiple memberships with unlimited family accounts per single Oculus ID.

VZfit also comes with professional coaches who give personalized feedback and workout routines. Users can also select trainer gender and voice options, save rides, tailor workouts to their own style and ability. VirZOOM also states that new workouts and moves will be released on a regular basis.

“We wanted to combine the limitless possibilities of the world around us with the limitless possibilities of VR,” said Eric Janszen, Co-founder and CEO at VirZOOM. “Our experiences have always been an exhilarating mix of the real world and the fantastical, but this is the most accessible VR fitness app that uses global exploration as a key motivator, making it so fresh and engaging that exercise almost becomes the side product. Especially in a time when none of us can travel in reality, it already has our community completely hooked.”

According to VirZOOM, the VZfit app is targeted at mid-level fitness groups who are looking for regular, 30-minute exercise sessions. Furthermore, the company added that based on the 3,000 Quest beta users to date, average users are almost evenly split male and female with a majority in the 30’s to 40’s age groups.

“After the success of VZplay and Explorer, we wanted to reduce the friction of needing special cardio hardware so we could expand our reach to anyone wanting to stay fit and healthy,” said Eric Malafeew, Co-founder and CTO at VirZOOM. “We also wanted to expand beyond pure game play to tap into those travel aspirations and the endless options available to us in the real world. Our users are challenging themselves to travel through Japan or cycle across Ireland. Taking that trip you’ve always wanted builds strong staying power. All you need is a [USD] $299 Oculus Quest 2 and a sense of adventure.”

VZfit is a subscription app and available today on the Oculus Quest Store. Users can enjoy a free 7-day trial, then either pay USD $9.99 per month or opt for a discounted annual membership rate. For full subscription details visit the Oculus blog.

Image / video credit: VirZOOM / YouTube

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