Swiss VR fitness company Holodia announces launch of HOLOFIT on Oculus Quest

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January 8, 2021 – Holodia has announced that its multisport virtual reality (VR) fitness platform HOLOFIT has just been released on the official Oculus Quest store. HOLOFIT brings fun, interaction, and competition to cardio fitness machines, allowing for virtual rowing, running, and cycling exercises. The platform can also be used with bodyweight exercises too.

HOLOFIT offers original virtual worlds and engaging workouts that help to challenge, motivate and guide users to their fitness goals. The platform also features a ‘Freestyle’ mode in which rowing, cycling, and running are simulated through a series of bodyweight exercises to enable full-body workouts for users without fitness machines.

As well as individual workouts, HOLOFIT can also be used for group sessions too, with an online multiplayer mode that allows users to connect and compete against others in real-time. According to Holodia, the HOLOFIT community is global, with most members coming from the US and Europe, looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, or solve health issues. 

“Although many see VR as isolating people, I strongly believe that it does the opposite. Connecting to friends and family around the world, especially when we can’t travel, and seeing each other in VR is amazing. Having a run with your pals, or a challenging workout with your cousins on the other side of the country is great, and something you would never otherwise be able to do. VR has changed the lives of so many of our members, and we are thankful to be able to make that positive impact,” said Bojana Knezevic, Holodia COO, adding, “HOLOFIT on the Quest store is a big step for us.:

Available now on the Oculus Store, users can demo HOLOFIT’s ‘Tropical’ workout world for free or start a 7-day free trial and experience the full-features of the HOLOFIT platform. Membership plans are available for EUR €9.90 per month or EUR €108 per year. The platform offers more than 100 workout options and brings monthly updates and upgrades.

The company states that HOLOFIT works on major brand rowing machines, and any bicycle or elliptical machine with the addition of a cadence sensor (a device that measures rotations per minute). The company also offers its own optional cadence sensor for EUR €35 for users whose workout hardware FTMS Bluetooth enabled.

For more information on Holodia and its HOLOFIT platform, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Holodia

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