Taqtile announces updated capabilities to its Manifest AR work-instruction platform on iPad

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December 15, 2021 – Taqtile, a provider of enterprise software that leverages augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks for knowledge capture and sharing, has recently announced updated capabilities for its Manifest work-instruction platform on iPad, including digital ink and access to remote experts.

According to Taqtile, the robust, ongoing support of the iPad exemplifies the company’s own strategy to support a broad range of devices enabling businesses to best equip frontline workers to perform their jobs. With new spatial-computing features, workflow advances, speedier access to content, and security enhancements, work-instruction on iPads equipped with the Manifest platform offers a viable remote assistance solution for repairs, maintenance, onboarding new staff, and training new skills to veteran frontline employees.

Taqtile added that thanks to the ubiquity, familiarity, and portability of the iPad, it makes for an extremely valuable enterprise tool, and when equipped with Manifest, allows for the delivery of AR-capabilities “on par with head-mounted displays”. An added iPad benefit is also the device’s large screen, which provides ample viewing area for Manifest instruction data, diagrams, and videos. With its latest updates, Taqtile has enhanced the instructional abilities of the iPad with Manifest, enabling deskless workers to author content, complete a job, capture video evidence, and engage a remote expert when needed. However, the company’s Manifest platform is also available on higher-investment AR headsets for jobs that require hands-free use.

“We’ve designed Manifest to be an extremely flexible platform, one that supports the widest variety of devices our enterprise customers need to empower deskless workers,” said Dirck Schou, CEO, Taqtile. “The combination of Manifest and the iPad is a high-value option, leveraging a device that many enterprises are already providing to frontline workers.”

Advanced Manifest capabilities now available on the iPad include: 

  • Patented Intuitive Authoring – Enables in-situ authoring in the field or on the plant floor, including capturing photos and videos to augment the steps of a procedure, leveraging the spatial-computing capabilities of iPad to spatially anchor markers, and create digital-ink overlays;
  • Efficient Training – Training can be completed quickly, intuitively, and accurately with easy-to-follow workflows;
  • Enhanced Collaboration – Supports integrated Manifest Connect capabilities allowing workers to video chat with colleagues, share ‘see-what-I-see’ video, and be directed by experts from remote locations. Experts can interact with and place digital aids on the real-world environment of an operator, and create spatial targets, use 3D ink, and provide way-finding instructions to enhance operator guidance;
  • Secure Location Mode – Restricts video and photo features, and can force operators into offline mode in areas where wireless use is prohibited;
  • Review Mode for Completed Jobs – Adds ability to review completed jobs and evidence notes left by other operators, including spatial content;
  • Fault Flags – Delivers capability to flag, review, and resolve faults during any step within a procedure.

Taqtile’s Manifest platform is now available for iPad on the Apple App Store. For more information on Taqtile and its augmented reality knowledge capture and sharing solutions, please visit the company’s website

Image / video credit: Taqtile / YouTube

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