TriLite to demo its Trixel 3 projection display system for AR glasses at SPIE Photonics West this week

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January 24, 2022 – TriLite, a designer and manufacturer of projection displays, has announced that it will be presenting its Trixel 3 Laser Beam Scanner at SPIE Photonics West this week in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Trixel 3 is TriLite’s first Laser Beam Scanner Light Engine based on Infineon’s 2D MEMS mirror, and is being targeted at augmented reality (AR) glasses. 

Together, TriLite and Infineon offer the tiny projector module system, which is designed to be used as a key component for AR smart glasses that can be worn comfortably all-day. With no relay optics required, the overall module size is shrunk to a volume of less than 1cm3 with an ultra-light weight of 1.5g, according to the companies. 

Peter Weigand, CEO at Trilite, said: “We’re proud to present the first laser beam scanner demonstrator powered by Infineon’s unique 2D MEMS mirror. This is the first step in the collaboration between TriLite and Infineon focusing on a light engine with the very smallest form factor. We are very proud of where we stand today and are very excited about where our technology roadmaps are going to bring us.”

Infineon brings its experience in MEMS device design and manufacturing into the augmented reality market with its 2D MEMS mirror. TriLite added that its TriLite Calibration Module (TCM) software simplifies system integration, by providing real-time correction of lens errors, distortions, and color shifts (true tone).

The two companies first announced their collaboration in August last year, which they stated was to help advance the development of AR smart glasses’ systems for the consumer market.

Trixel 3 is being demonstrated at TriLite’s private suite during the SPIE 2022 event this week. For more information on TriLite and its AR smart glasses technology, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: TriLite

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