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May 8, 2020 – Unity Technologies, provider of a platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, has announced the acquisition of Vancouver-based Finger Food Advanced Technology Group: a professional services organization specializing in building industry-first solutions for global companies.

Finger Food provides companies with tailored solutions to solve complex business problems using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and robotics. The acquisition marks a turning point for Unity’s work beyond gaming: Finger Food will join Unity Industrial, the division that ensures the development and deployment of scalable RT3D solutions and services to any industry or enterprise. Unity stated that it will retain all 200+ members of the company to help drive further RT3D adoption.

“Across industries, teams are realizing the significant impact and value real-time 3D technologies can have on traditional workflows and their business objectives,” said Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Unity Create Solutions. “Over the last two years, we’ve made meaningful traction deploying our industry-leading RT3D platform typically known for game development into industries such as media and entertainment, automotive and transportation, and architecture and construction. The reality is we’re just getting started. Finger Food has already had a lot of success applying RT3D to these industries and others, solving customers’ hardest problems – together we will provide the solutions and services all businesses need to get their RT3D visions off the ground.”

According to Unity, its platform for RT3D development, which offers powerful and accessible tools to create real-time 3D experiences, is used by more than half of the top 50 AEC companies and the top 10 best-selling automotive brands to power their real-time 3D activities. Unity added that the acquisition of Finger Food Advanced Technology Group will help to accelerate the company’s growth into additional industries that are looking to take advantage of real-time 3D technologies but lack the internal infrastructure or technical expertise to get started.

Finger Food will provide Unity’s enterprise customers with design, development, and deployment services such as interactive, digital twins of real-world assets like manufactured products and buildings. Together Unity and Finger Food will translate shared tooling and services programs into repeatable solutions, so that enterprise companies across any industry can utilize real-time 3D off-the-shelf without needing to ramp up internal expertise, retraining or upending established processes.

“Enabling the adoption of real-time 3D technology is at the heart of what we do for our customers,” said Ryan Peterson, Chief Executive Officer, Finger Food Advanced Technology Group. “Whether we’re designing AR/VR, mobile applications, or tackling complex industrial challenges, Unity is foundational in helping us deliver usable RT3D applications as well as the tangible business value that our clients expect. By joining the Unity family, we will have more access to Unity’s extensive engineering team to help shape the future of their platform by sharing the trends and needs that we’re seeing across our customer base.”

Image credit: Finger Food Advanced Technology Group / Unity Technologies

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