Voxware to debut VR simulation of its AR solution at ProMat 2019

March 26, 2019 – Provider of cloud-based voice and analytic supply chain solutions, Voxware, has today announced that it will debut its custom-built virtual reality simulation at the ProMat 2019 trade show for supply chain, manufacturing and distribution. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Voxware Augmented Reality (AR) in three sample scenarios: kit assembly, order picking and order packing.

“We couldn’t be more excited for ProMat 2019,” said Keith Phillips, President & CEO of Voxware. “We have a lot of wonderful things planned for our guests this year, including the ability to experience our AR solution first-hand. By using VR, we are simulating the actual user experience to highlight the benefits offered.”

For Voxware’s VR experience, each scenario begins with the user’s avatar at a location inside a virtual warehouse, with an AR headset within arm’s reach. From within this virtual setting, the user then puts on the virtual AR headset, and the software initializes and guides the user’s actions, step-by-step in a multimodal task. The virtual simulation demonstrates how Voxware’s AR solution combines voice, scanning, image capture and vision to improve worker performance and optimize warehouse processes. Each VR scenario demonstration uses all four modes of the AR solution.

Additionally, the user is able to see real-time performance metrics and can view them alongside their colleagues. This type of performance-based “gamification” has been shown to increase task-based productivity and reduce error rates.

Voxware stated in a press release that in anticipation of the expected demand for the VR experience, the company is currently accepting pre-registration for guests attending ProMat 2019 through the Voxware website.

The company will be exhibiting its VR experience of AR at ProMat 2019, which takes place April 8 – 11 in Chicago, USA.

Image credit: ProMat 2019/MHI

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