Glimpse Group integrates conversational AI into VR platform using GPT-3

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February 10, 2023 – The Glimpse Group, Inc. (Glimpse), a diversified virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) company that provides enterprise focused immersive technology software and services solutions, has this week announced that its subsidiary company, Foretell Reality, has integrated conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into its virtual reality platform.

According to Glimpse, this integration could revolutionize the way users interact and engage in virtual environments across multiple industries, including healthcare, education, training and marketing.

The new conversational AI feature utilizes GPT-3 to enable VR experiences to respond to natural language inputs from users. With this integration, users can communicate with virtual characters in a conversational manner on the Foretell VR platform, similar to real-life interactions. Glimpse stated that this functionality is expected to provide a higher level of engagement in virtual environments, creating a more realistic and lifelike experience.

Applications for the new technology could include soft skills training, and enable employees or students to simulate professional and social interactions with customers, partners, and each other. Combining VR and AI could also enable virtual shopping experiences where customers will be able to ask virtual sales associates questions and get recommendations, as well as marketing experiences, where for example a car manufacturer could create a virtual test drive for potential customers where they can interact with a virtual salesperson.

Foretell Reality General Manager, Dror Goldberg said: “The integration of AI into our VR platform and experiences will help accelerate the adoption of VR technology, and make it a more effective medium for our key customers in the education and healthcare sectors. AI can also be used to assess trainees’ performance and provide feedback and analytics.”

Virtual being Jessica listens to voice prompts in VR to answer a user’s questions.

Glimpse’s President & CEO, Lyron Bentovim, commented: “This AI integration is expected to be a game changer for the industry driving a much more engaging, realistic and effective immersive experience. Not only will it enhance the overall user experience but also open up new avenues for interaction and exploration within virtual environments. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological evolution and will continue to focus on building and implementing the opportunities AI offers across our companies and technologies.”

Generative AI-powered language models have exploded in popularity and entered the mainstream in recent months, with the most notable mention being ChatGPT from AI research and deployment company OpenAI.

Foretell Reality’s integration of GPT-3 is certainly another inevitable step towards creating more realistic immersive experiences, and is just one of many examples of recent AI-integrations that could mark an inflection point for the XR industry in terms of enhanced interactions with virtual beings powered by sophisticated AI models.

For more information on The Glimpse Group and its ecosystem of companies that provide enterprise-focused AR and VR solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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