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April 7, 2023 – VRpilot, a Danish company that designs, develops and sells virtual reality (VR) training applications for use by airlines, air forces and ATOs, has this week announced that it has been selected by European Air Transport (EAT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, to deliver virtual reality procedure training technology to EAT’s Airbus A300-600RF operation.

Delivering a complete virtual reality (VR) procedure training solution, VRpilot will create a custom solution to match EAT’s A300 cockpit layout and EAT’s procedures. VRpilot stated that the customization requires a 3D-scanning of the cockpit in order to accurately map the A300 layout and EAT configuration.

The technology will be developed in close collaboration with EAT’s hub at Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) in Germany, and will allow pilots to prepare themselves for their Full Flight Simulator (FFS) sessions, either alone or with a sim-partner, making the time in the FFS as effective as possible, according to VRpilot.

Jochen Timm, Accountable Manager at EAT ATO, commented: “EAT’s flight training center at Leipzig/Halle Airport hub is state-of-the art and we are very excited about bringing VR-training to our pilots, providing them with the best possible training facilities. When selecting a supplier, we were very focused on finding a long-time partner with experience within this field of airline operations.”

Daniel Maass, CEO at VRpilot, said: “We are very proud that EAT has selected us to deliver our cutting edge procedure training tools to support their A300 operation. Our flexible, and highly customizable procedure training platform, VRflow, is a perfect tool to deliver customized modern training tools for an aging aircraft type such as the A300. We will deliver our hypercare solution, including 3D-scanning and customization performed by in-house specialists.”

For more information on VRpilot and its VRflow platform for procedure training for airlines, air forces and ATOs, please visit the company’s website.

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