Varjo headsets now supported on Twinmotion with 2023.1 release

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April 6, 2023 – Varjo, a provider of professional-grade virtual and extended reality (VR/XR) hardware and software, has this week announced that Twinmotion, a leading real-time visualization tool designed for architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals, now supports Varjo headsets in the latest version 2023.1.

According to Varjo, professionals can now use Twinmotion to inspect their 3D models in VR in a realistic way, thanks to the industry-leading resolution and visual fidelity of Varjo’s VR headsets, including the Varjo Aero.

Varjo stated that with Twinmotion support for its devices, architectural visualization is now able to take the next evolutionary step, and noted that while 3D renderings of architectural models have been possible for a long time, models are traditionally viewed on 2D screens. While 2D screens can portray models effectively, they struggle to showcase the lifelike dimensions and sense of depth brought by virtual reality. For example, truly grasping the scale of buildings or understanding what the dimensions of a room feel like in practice is not possible on 2D screens.

With VR-based visualization, users can be placed directly into an architectural scene – instead of needing to understand what technical measurements mean in practice. Varjo highlighted that VR has the potential to revolutionize how buildings and spaces are designed, as a true sense of dimensions and spatial understanding can be achieved much earlier in the design process.

While some support for using VR in architecture has existed before, consumer-oriented headsets have simply not been able to display architectural models with sufficient visual fidelity, according to Varjo. However, the company added that thanks to the visual clarity of its headsets combined with Twinmotion’s cutting-edge visualization capabilities, real-time 3D models can now be experienced in a completely immersive way.

For more information on Varjo and its VR and XR devices for real-time 3D visualization for the AEC industry, please visit the company’s website.

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