Vuzix and TechSee announce partnership to deliver Augmented Reality remote assist to field service technicians

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March 30, 2021 – Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, has today announced a new partnership with TechSee, a provider of intelligent visual assistance technology, to deliver a remote visual assistance solution to field service technicians using AR and computer vision on Vuzix’ M4000 Smart Glasses.

By leveraging its proprietary AI-driven visual assistance platform, TechSee enables on-site field service technicians to receive real-time support from a remotely located expert. On-site technicians can show issues to a remote expert using their smart glasses and can then receive step-by-step AR-based guidance for a quick resolution. The technology also enables technicians to receive assistance in self-service mode without the need to contact a remote expert, with automated troubleshooting guidance and job verification using computer vision AI.

According to TechSee, the technology can recognize devices and their parts with a 98% accuracy level, while automatically diagnosing issues and suggesting resolutions. Access to full technical support for field technicians can help to increase first-time fix rates, lower downtime, improve technician engagement and minimize training times, the company added.

An example of an engine repair using TechSee’s AR computer vision remote guidance on the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses can be seen in the below video:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Vuzix,” said Eitan Cohen, Chief Executive Officer at TechSee. “The synergies between our technology and Vuzix’ Smart Glasses have created a pioneering solution for service organizations who can benefit from the power of AR and computer vision. This partnership enables field service organizations to transform their service delivery and allows them to leverage their data to automate repetitive tasks and elevate their ROI.”

Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, commented: “TechSee’s field service solution is a natural fit with our Smart Glasses, so we are very excited to partner with them to offer a unique computer vision-powered solution that can help technicians in both assisted service and self-service modes.” He added, “Our smart glasses ecosystem continues to expand with each passing day and we remain confident that Vuzix is increasingly well positioned to become the hardware vendor of choice among a growing number of industry players.”

For more information on Vuzix and its augmented reality smart glasses offering, please click here. For more information on TechSee and its remote visual assistance solution, please click here.

Image / video credit: TechSee / Vuzix / YouTube

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