Vuzix Blade selected as smart glasses rollout hardware for SWORD intelligence and threat detection solution

May 24, 2019 – Vuzix Corporation has announced that its Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses have been selected as the smart glasses rollout hardware by SWORD, a mobile based security solution providing an IoT level of situational awareness, detection and recognition.

SWORD is a mobile IoT threat detection device built on top of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro. Housed in its own case, SWORD is designed to use a combination of proprietary AI, mmWave and thermal imaging sensor fusion technology to detect concealed weapons, including 3D printed ones, and explosives; run facial recognition scans against proprietary cloud-based databases; and triangulate and locate gunfire — all in a matter of seconds, according to the company. Threats and notifications detected by the SWORD solution will be pushed directly to the heads-up display in the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Its lower cost (less than current bolted-in-place fixed threat detection solutions) and ability to create flexible perimeters make SWORD a paradigm shift in terms of providing security for everything from schools and sports venues to even hard targets, such as airports.

SWORD is not meant as a silver bullet but rather as a new, powerful tool to be used in the battle against terrorism, mass shooters and other threats. According to Barry Oberholzer, Founder and CEO of SWORD, there have already been more than 88,000 pre-orders placed by government agencies, airports, and leading concert venue firms. Planned to enter full production in Q3 2019 the Blade is being offered as an integrated part of the solution. SWORD expects the final attachment rate for Vuzix Blade with SWORD to be significant.

“Vuzix Blade provides a see-through display that not only allows our customers to stay connected with the real world, but also be connected to the digital world to receive critical alerts related to safety threats from our SWORD solution,” said Oberholzer.

Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, commented: “Vuzix is excited to be working with the SWORD team to provide a smart glasses solution that can deliver critical information on demand as needed to SWORD customers. We look forward to continued collaboration between our two companies.”

Image credit: Royal Holdings Technologies

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