EON Reality and UBT announce partnership to bring AVR Cluster Center to Kosovo

May 23, 2019 – EON Reality Inc., together with the University for Business and Technology (UBT), has announced a new Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) Cluster Center in the Republic of Kosovo.

UBT will be providing the home for the region’s AVR Cluster Center, which is expected to then become the area’s hub for AVR technology. Combining UBT’s history as an academic and business university with the EON Reality’s AVR Platform, the two companies expect the establishment of a hub will help provide exclusive technological access and opportunities for both students and companies in the region.

Dan Lejerskar, EON Reality Founder, said: “Working with an institution with as much distinction and significance as UBT shows how respected the AVR Platform is within both the education and enterprise communities. It’s become apparent that Augmented and Virtual Reality will be a major aspect of both the academic and corporate worlds in the future, and we believe that the opening of this AVR Cluster Center with UBT should set the industry standard in the entire region.”

For UBT, hosting the AVR Cluster Center and bringing the AVR Platform to their campus comes with the opportunity to distinguish themselves. By utilizing the interconnected self-service platform and the Classroom 3.0 model, the is will be able to improve the interactivity and retention in lessons, while also preparing students for the future by teaching them about the technology, which many industries and businesses are already using.

“UBT is proud to host the first AVR Cluster Center in Kosovo, and we believe AVR technology will flow seamlessly into our existing systems and technology,” Said Edmond Hajrizi, UBT’s Rector and Founder. “We always strive to be at the forefront of education, business, and technology, and this is clearly the next step forward in all of those. Operating an AVR Cluster Center is the perfect intersection of our three passions, and we will continue to improve and perfect our roles in each of them.”

Image credit: EON Reality

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