GameDriver announces testing support for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and more with new 2023.04 version update

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April 25, 2023 – GameDriver® Inc., a provider of automated testing solutions for gaming and XR experiences, has today announced version 2023.04 of its patented automation toolkit. With this release, GameDriver is now supported on Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, SteamVR, and WebGL in addition to existing support for PC, Mobile, and XR platforms.

The newly supported platforms mostly apply to the Unity version of GameDriver, allowing potentially millions of developers to achieve better time-to-market, increased test coverage, and an all-round higher quality product, according to the company. Unreal Engine developers can expect to see virtual reality (VR) support, as well as core feature parity between Unreal Engine 4.27, 5.0, and 5.1. GameDriver stated that the new release will help to bring its test automation solutions one step closer towards compatibility with every major engine and target platform in use today.

Additional tooling is also included to ease the creation and maintenance of automated tests. Tools such as the HierarchyPath query language are now compatible with Unity’s UI Toolkit in the 2023.04 release, which GameDriver noted will add new query commands to simplify working with applications built using the technology.

The company stated that developers and QA professionals working with major game engines stand to benefit from the additional features. By eliminating the need to manually run regression tests—testing that is conducted after any change to code or an application that ensures new bugs aren’t introduced—users can spend more time validating new content, all while repetitive, cross-platform verification tests are executed automatically via CI/CD systems. GameDriver added that its solution has a positive impact on budget, key timelines, and overall quality.

“We’re proud to demonstrate that GameDriver is delivering on the promise of a cross-platform, cross-engine test automation solution for everyone who develops or tests video games and other immersive experiences,” said Shane Evans, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at GameDriver. “This is a foundational release, bringing our proven technology to more users and platforms than ever before. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for repetitive testing, which can drag on development and release cycles and ultimately lead to poor quality products, as well as developer crunch. This frees up developers and testers to focus on new features, and improving the user experience.”

GameDriver 2023.04 immediately addresses the needs of developers to build consistent, repeatable, and scalable test automation while covering key platforms. The additional console support is just the beginning, with the company noting that support for Sony’s PlayStation and other platforms planned for the year ahead.

For more information on GameDriver and its automated testing platform for gaming and XR experiences, please visit the company’s website. Interested developers and QA professionals can also sign up for a free trial of GameDriver here.

Image credit: GameDriver, Inc.

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