Smart glasses supplier Iristick announces €4 million capital increase

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February 20, 2023 – Iristick, a supplier of industrial and medical smart glasses, has recently announced a EUR €4 million capital investment made by a consortium of existing and new shareholders under the leadership of Saffelberg Investments. Iristick stated that the new capital will allow the company to focus on end-to-end solutions in verticals such as healthcare, energy and logistics.

Iristick added that it will now make follow-on investments in order to further develop its platform, as well as grow user adoption and increase its sales and marketing efforts in both Europe and the U.S. To lead these expansion efforts, the company has appointed software industry veteran Karel Goderis, who will work in close cooperation with the existing management team.

According to Iristick, more than 700 companies currently rely on its solutions to help improve operational processes, from remote assistance to inspection for mission-critical processes. Beyond the basic use case of remote assistance, Iristick also develops tailored solutions in partnership with major corporations in healthcare, oil & gas, crop inspection and logistics. Some of the company’s customers include Bayer, Siemens Energy, JBT, Houston Methodist Hospital, HG Molenaar and Aviapartner.

Based in Antwerp and New York, Iristick produces smart glasses that enable hands free communication and information sharing for deskless workers in various industries. The company’s solutions include remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision and video conferencing. Iristick also supports NGOs with telemedicine equipment in most underserved parts of the world, enabling teleconsultation and remote expert guidance in rural areas. 

For more information on Iristick and its smart glasses solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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