Immersive fitness & gaming platform Quell raises $10M in Series A Funding

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February 21, 2023 – Quell, a UK-based fitness gaming developer and publisher, has announced the completion of a USD $10 million Series A funding round led by Tencent, with follow-on investment from Khosla Ventures, Heartcore Capital, Social Impact Capital and entrepreneur Naval Ravikant. This latest round brings Quell’s total financing to USD $15.6 million.

Quell stated that the new funding will enable the company to upsize its launch game, Shardfall, and continue to expand its video game library. Quell will also commence large-scale production of its ‘Impact’ fitness gaming system, a proprietary motion and biometric tracking technology with haptic sensors that offers a fully immersive video gaming experience where every workout burns over 600kcal/hour, the same as an intense spin class. Quell added that it has seen very strong pre-orders and expects to roll out the product globally later this year.

At the heart of Quell’s wearable device are athlete-grade resistance bands, available in different strength levels, which provide players with real-world resistance, helping them to achieve their personal fitness objectives. The device turns the player’s body into the controller, which the company stated avoids the need for heavy and uncomfortable virtual reality (VR) or camera equipment. The device also enables users to feel the impact of their movements as they run, jump and fight their way through immersive environments.

Quell’s Shardfall game is an intense combat experience where players battle mystical creatures. The company’s “gaming-first approach” is personalized and is able to achieve gym-quality exercise that covers both cardio and strength, according to Quell. The game is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, and features inbuilt fitness trackers that measure calories burned, heart rate and speed, and can automatically adjust the game and the workout difficulty to deliver high-intensity exercise.

The Quell Impact platform turns players into the controller and uses resistance bands attached around the torso to create real resistance for players whilst in immersive experiences.

Cameron Brookhouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Quell, said: “The Quell Impact is the first gaming platform designed from the ground-up to deliver high-intensity, personalized workouts where the player is the controller. Through our pioneering technology, we aim to help millions of people worldwide unlock the health and wellness benefits of exercising while immersing them in worlds where the hero gets stronger as they do. We’re thrilled with the support we’ve received from such a distinguished team of investors and look forward to seeing the over 10,000 Impact pre-orders arrive in people’s homes soon.”

The Series A funding follows a USD $5.6 million seed round completed in December 2020, which saw participation from Emmett Shear, the CEO and Co-Founder of streaming platform Twitch, Kevin Lin, the Co-Founder of Twitch, start-up accelerator Y Combinator and JamJar Investments.

Dr Ling Ge, Chief European Representative at Tencent and Quell Board Member, said: “Tencent is delighted to support Quell as it looks to bring the future of fitness to consumers globally. Until now, fitness gaming was an undeveloped sector, providing either a great gaming or fitness experience, but never both. Quell’s Impact device solves this problem – by refusing to sacrifice entertainment or exercise, it provides a consistently entertaining, exhilarating home fitness experience. We’re confident Quell will drive fitness gaming to the mainstream and are proud to support them as they work towards their global launch this year.”

For more information on Quell and its Impact fitness system for enhancing immersive gaming experiences, please visit the company’s website.

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