VoxelSensors introduces new Head of Spatial & Empathic Sensor Fusion Team, Boris Greenberg

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January 8, 2024 – VoxelSensors, a provider of 3D perception technology for extended reality (XR), has announced its new VP of XR Solutions, Boris Greenberg, as the company enters the final stretch of its seed funding campaign. VoxelSensors stated that Greenberg will spearhead the ‘Spatial and Empathic Computing Solution’ teams within the company.

With over 21 years of expertise in multi-disciplinary R&D within the high-tech industry and academia, Greenberg brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, according to VoxelSensors. His previous roles include founding EyeWay Vision, I.C. Inside, and serving as an R&D lead in Automated Optical Inspection at Orbotech. Notably, Greenberg holds more than 20 patents and pursued his studies in physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“For widespread adoption, XR devices need to address human interaction, a synergy of sensing and perception modalities to enable developers to create powerful XR user experiences,” said Boris Greenberg.

VoxelSensors SPAES (Single Photon Active Event Sensor) technology, allows for the integration of multimodal perception sensors, such as innovative hand and gaze tracking and SLAM, with high precision, low power consumption, and low latency. By fusing these key modalities, the company aims to enable the development of next-gen XR systems.

VoxelSensors has created the Single Photon Active Event Sensor CMOS sensor, a revolutionary sensor architecture for laser beam scanning based 3D perception. It localizes active laser points or structures in space. The output is used to generate a 3D point – a voxel – at a rate of 100 MHz.

“In 2023, VoxelSensors started collaborations with customers to test SPAES and tailor our solution to their specific needs,” commented Johannes Peeters, CEO at VoxelSensors. “We can clearly see the positive influence of our technology and systems in creating new mobile and empathic XR Systems. We are also thrilled to share the news of a new capital increase, concluding our Seed Round with the support of both new and existing shareholders.”

VoxelSensors will be exhibiting at CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week, where attendees can learn about its mobile and XR applications and experience the following advancements in Spatial and Empathic Computing from the company:

  • Andromeda 2, Evaluation Kit composed of 2 SPAES sensors, an illumination, and the latest Software VoxelSensors SDK 2.0
  • SLAM module
  • SPAES for Mobile 
  • Gaze tracking

For more information on VoxelSensors please visit the company’s website. To schedule a meeting contact sales@voxelsensors.com.

Image credit: VoxelSensors

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