Zero Latency expands its immersive location-based VR experiences in the US

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August 16, 2022 – Zero Latency, a provider of immersive location-based entertainment (LBE) virtual reality (VR) experiences, has recently announced the expansion of its technology in the US, beginning with Las Vegas and brand new locations in Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Orlando opening later this year.

In partnership with HTC, Zero Latency is able to bring up to eight players together to experience the same VR game content. According to the company, visitors will now also have even more freedom of movement and agency, thanks to the ability to remove backpacks and extra wires, allowing them to enjoy immersive experiences with less distractions.

To do this, Zero Latency’s new platform uses an exclusive remote rendering stack, the latest 6E wireless technology to seamlessly stream 5K VR to all players simultaneously, and the HTC VIVE Focus 3 to deliver an increased performance that is up to 16 times greater than that of traditional all-in-one headsets, according to the company. As a result, the customized HTC VIVE Focus 3 provides 5K visual fidelity with a 90Hz refresh rate and 120 degree field of view.

“The new Zero Latency platform offers the closest experience yet to simply stepping inside another world. We intentionally provide effortlessly immersive experiences that we think people will enjoy, and we can’t wait to share that with more customers around the world,” said Tim Ruse, Chief Executive Officer at Zero Latency. “By removing equipment, like backpacks, we’re actually able to provide a heightened player experience to our customers in the United States and across the world. Our existing titles feel better than ever, and we can’t wait to blow people away with what we have coming next.”

Players can now enjoy an immersive VR experience at Zero Latency’s LBE locations without the need for heavy computer backpacks.

Customers can now discover Zero Latency’s library of game titles without wires through its seven premium game environments, including Ubisoft-exclusive “Far Cry VR,” “Sol Raiders,” “Undead Arena,” “Singularity,” “Outbreak Origins,” “Engineerium,” and “Zombie Survival.”

“Our customers often tell us Zero Latency is the best VR experience they’ve ever had,” said Scott Vandonkelaar, Chief Technology Officer at Zero Latency. “Delivering experiences as deep and interactive as ours has never been possible with an all-in-one headset, so we built our own solution. Remote rendering and 6E wireless streaming means we can deliver our experiences at previously impossible performance levels, with less technology and fewer player distractions than ever. We’re thrilled by the results and can’t wait for customers to experience it for themselves.”

Zero Latency added that as well as improving player experience, this latest version of its platform also helps to improve operational efficiency for owners and operators globally. With a decrease in entry costs for new owners, hardware management, equipment maintenance, and a simplified player onboarding experience, this latest version is the most affordable and easy-to-use iteration of the Zero Latency platform yet.

Customers can experience the new Zero Latency platform now in the United States at Zero Latency Las Vegas located in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino or in one of over 20 additional venues launching worldwide in the coming months.

For more information about Zero Latency and its immersive LBE VR experiences, please visit the company’s website.

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