8th Wall launches its Partner Program, a global network of agencies and studios that build WebAR experiences for brands

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July 7, 2021 – 8th Wall, a provider of an augmented reality (AR) platform that makes it easy to build frictionless AR content for the mobile web (WebAR), has today announced the official launch of the 8th Wall Partner Program, a global network of trusted agencies and creative studios that have proven experience in bringing web-based augmented reality experiences to market.

According to the company, the Partner Program is designed to connect brands and organizations with agencies so that brands can harness the power of WebAR to engage their users in new ways and achieve business results with augmented reality. 

The 8th Wall Partner Program will consist of over 40 partners at launch, and feature a range of agencies and creative studios from around the world, all of which have launched commercial WebAR experiences for top brands across industry verticals such as CPG, fast food, automotive, entertainment, fashion, beauty and banking. 

“8th Wall is excited to recognize and raise up the agencies and creative studios as part of our official Partner Program, all of which have launched extraordinary WebAR experiences for major brands using the 8th Wall platform,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO and Founder of 8th Wall. “As demand for WebAR continues to grow, brands and agencies around the world will be able to look to this network of partners to find new and innovative ways to engage with their customers.” 

8th Wall’s AR engine has powered more than 1,000 commercial experiences since its first full year in 2019. The company states that the demand for WebAR has grown dramatically over this time, with brands increasingly seeking agencies to develop WebAR projects and agencies building businesses which center around WebAR. Behind the scenes, 8th Wall has been facilitating business between brands and agencies and the 8th Wall Partner Program formalizes and scales these efforts, making it easier for parties to connect directly.

According to 8th Wall, its Partners have already demonstrated success with WebAR experiences for brands. For example, Buu Digital created a WebAR experience for Brazil’s C&A which was triggered by a QR code during a broadcast of Big Brother Brasil and was reported to have 50,000 users in the first 20 seconds alone. Trigger, an XR Agency, reported that its voice-enabled Web AR experience for Sony Picture’s “Jumani: The Next Level” saw an average of 5 minutes in dwell time. Rose Digital worked with NY fashion house KHAITE to bring its SS21 shoe collection to life with a WebAR-enabled lookbook, which led to a 400% increase in sales according to the brand.

In addition to today’s announcement, 8th Wall is launching a new feature called Public Profiles. Public Profiles aim to increase the discovery of 8th Wall developers, agencies and creative development studios by providing them with their own pages to feature their work on 8thwall.com. For brands, these Public Profiles will make it easier to find partners to work with. For developers and agencies, Public Profiles can help them demonstrate the work they have created in order to attract and win more business. Brands can start to explore partner profiles and even try out WebAR experiences from the Partners page at 8thwall.com/partners

To learn more about the 8th Wall Partner Program, or to find a qualified 8th Wall Partner to work with, click here.

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