Apple announces version 3.1 of its Clips video creation app and adds new immersive AR Spaces

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April 27, 2021 – Apple has announced an update to Clips, its video creation app for iPhone and iPad. With the latest version 3.1 users are now able to scan a space using the LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models to apply augmented reality (AR) effects to their videos.

First introduced on iPad Pro last year, the LiDAR Scanner on select iPhone and iPad models enables depth-sensing capabilities. The technology measures light distance and uses pixel depth information of a scene to deliver faster and more realistic augmented reality experiences. By leveraging a combination of Apple’s hardware and software, Clips 3.1 now enables users to record videos with AR effects that map to the shape of a room and the objects within it.

With the new LiDAR-powered AR Spaces in Clips 3.1, users will be able to easily scan a room and see a live preview of effects that bring dynamic lighting, falling objects, and immersive scenes to life. Using the rear camera on a supported iPhone or iPad,2 users will see effects appear on walls, floors, surfaces, furniture, and objects, and will be able to add immersive visual effects that map to the contours of their surrounding area.

Clips 3.1 includes seven new AR Spaces effects to choose from:

  • Prism: Ribbons of rainbow light scan the walls, floors, and objects in a room;
  • Confetti: Celebratory bursts of confetti fall and accumulate on flat surfaces;
  • Disco: Shining lights reflect off a disco ball that hangs from the ceiling of the space;
  • Dance Floor: Colorful tiles of light dance in patterns across the floor;
  • Sparkles: Golden sparkle emoji and white glitter fill the space;
  • Stardust: Trails of starlight encircle and follow a person in the video;
  • Hearts: Floating heart balloons bubble up within the space.

Using AR segmentation and occlusion, Clips recognizes people in the video and projects the AR Spaces effects in front of and behind them, making it seem as if the effects are all around the space and subjects. AR Spaces can also be combined with all of the animated stickers, text labels, and emoji overlays — and can be recorded in all aspect ratios in Clips, including 9:16 vertical, 16:9 horizontal, and square.

Apple added that Clips will now offer even more creative content options too, with monthly content releases and updates containing new filters, stickers, and more. The company stated that users can expect regular updates to the Clips library of filters, Live Titles, text, stickers, and posters related to seasonal events and cultural trends. 

With this latest 3.1 update to the Clips app for iPhone and iPad*, users will be able to create videos that are even more immersive thanks to the AR Spaces video effects. The app also offers Live Titles captions that are automatically generated from a user’s voice, TrueDepth camera effects like immersive 360-degree Selfie Scenes and expressive Memoji characters. The app also includes more than 100 soundtracks that automatically adjust to match the length of videos. For more information on Apple’s Clips app, please click here.

*iOS 14.5 or later, or iPad running iPadOS 14.5. Recording HDR video requires iPhone 12 models. Selfie Scenes and Memoji will require iPhone or iPad models with TrueDepth camera.

Image / video credit: Apple

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