Arvizio and Sight Power partner to deliver Augmented Reality Digital Twins for the mining industry

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March 16, 2021 – Arvizio, a provider of enterprise augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) software solutions for 3D visualization and multi-user collaborative experiences, has today announced a partnership with Sight Power to deliver AR digital twins to the mining industry. Sight Power offers enterprise-scale technology solutions for spatial data storage and management, such as 3D models for mining and infrastructure.

Through the partnership Arvizio and Sight Power will offer stakeholders a seamless integration of mining data, 3D models and LiDAR scans to be shared between Sight Power’s Digital Mine platform and Arvizio’s Immerse 3D augmented reality solution. The combination will provide the mining industry with an integrated suite of mining operations software and AR to help optimize the mining process by reducing costs, improving efficiencies, increasing productivity, and enhancing safety, according to Arvizio.

Augmented reality technology represents an important aspect of the mining industry’s digital transformation and it is increasingly emerging as a key component to incorporate and visualize mine planning data in the design, operations, resource management, and investor relations processes.

Sight Power’s Digital Mine platform is a system for collecting and processing detailed information relating to all operations and work processes in the mining enterprise. This information, when merged with modeling, monitoring, and distributed sensor systems, offers a cohesive solution to automate daily, routine operations for geologists, mining engineers, mine surveyors, and other specialists, which can help to increase labor productivity and reduce technical errors, according to the company.

Arvizio’s Immerse 3D solution allows 3D models and LiDAR scans to be visualized in AR. Combined with Digital Mine, the two platforms allow for the visualization of LiDAR scans and geological models from mining operations that may cover many miles/kilometers and include multiple layers. Furthermore, Immerse 3D enhances the Digital Mine platform by extending its capabilities to include multi-user, multi-location AR visualization and collaboration in fully synchronized sessions utilizing web meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

“Our work with leading mining companies using Digital Mine demonstrated that combining operational technology, monitoring systems, devices and spatial datasets into a single workflow system, streamlines mining operations at every phase,” said Sergey Reznichenko, CEO at Sight Power. “We are delighted to team with Arvizio to integrate Immerse 3D AR visualization into our workflows and use augmented reality to empower stakeholders around the world for a more efficient exchange of information, problem solving, verification of key operations and safety systems in their mining projects.”

Arvizio stated that its Immerse 3D platform extension enhances the capabilities of Sight Power’s Digital Mine technology and can be applied to the following use cases:

  • Supporting staff training and equipment repairs to reduce operational costs and downtime;
  • Extending Digital Twin capabilities for processing plants for real-time monitoring;
  • Real-time virtual presence at mining sites;
  • On-going evaluation of mine evolution models to identify issues and avoid costly overruns.

For additional information on Arvizio and its Immerse 3D platform, click here. To learn more about Sight Power’s Digital Mine technology, please click here.

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