Arvizio announces its AR Instructor solution is now available for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices

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June 16, 2022 – Arvizio, a provider of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) solutions for the enterprise, has recently announced that its AR Instructor solution for augmented reality guided instruction is now available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices – expanding the scope of its capabilities and market reach.

AR Instructor offers no-code, customized sequential instruction overlaid in a technician’s field of view. These visual steps can include video clips, images, 3D models, documentation, and AR annotations such as animated arrows. In addition, users can connect with a remote expert or instructor with live see-what-I-see video and interactive mark-ups for additional guidance or work validation.

While AR Instructor enables a mixed reality (MR) environment when utilizing AR headsets, organizations can now integrate hybrid MR/AR into their instructional workflows using iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, according to Arvizio. AR Instructor’s authoring tools on headsets allow content creators to place and pre-position instructions, videos, annotations, and 3D models, which then can be shared with tablet or smartphone users to complete the task. The combination of MR and AR devices helps to simplify authoring and enables accurate content placement superimposed on a physical object or workspace.

Technicians and field workers can take advantage of all the capabilities of AR Instructor directly from a tablet or smartphone. Users can select and view associated videos and documentation when needed with a simple touch. In addition, when experienced personnel are not located where maintenance or repairs are taking place, AR Instructor’s mobile solution allows users to connect to a remote expert from their device with shared see-what-I-see video and real time markups.

“Organizations are seeking to maximize personnel resources in field service and operational activities, such as equipment installation, operation, repair, and maintenance, without sacrificing productivity. This challenge increases when supporting remote locations,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio. “AR Instructor now offers device flexibility and provides the tools to significantly improve efficiency and performance with fewer resources.”

Arvizio stated that AR Instructor’s hybrid MR/AR solution leverages mobile devices in conjunction with AR headsets to expand organizational learning and improve the way front line teams carry out key tasks.

For more information on Arvizio and its AR Instructor platform for field service work, please visit the company’s website.

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