Campfire announces summer Demo Days to allow companies to experience its AR and VR platform

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July 6, 2021 – Campfire, a developer of all-new devices and applications for holographic collaboration, has today announced a series of ‘Demo Days’ in conjunction with design firm, frog, part of Capgemini Invent. Companies will be able to experience Campfire’s recently-launched collaborative augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) system for design and engineering at frog design studios this Summer. The events will allow Enterprise guests to work with their own data, giving them a live preview of how Campfire can integrate with and accelerate their workflows. 

Space is limited so enterprise guests can register here to request an invitation for the below events:

  • July 14, Brooklyn,  9AM – 7PM
  • August 11, Austin, 9AM – 7PM
  • September 8, San Francisco, CA  9AM – 7PM 

Campfire brings a new approach to AR/VR collaboration with innovative devices and applications designed to visualize and collaborate with 3D models and data. The company states that the resulting experience helps to advance the visual experience, ease-of-use, and workflow integration for users. Features of the Campfire platform include:

  • The Campfire Headset, which has a 92° diagonal field-of-view in AR, and a new level of comfort in VR;
  • The Campfire Console acts like a holographic projector to bring the intuitiveness and robustness of traditional monitors to shared holographic experiences; 
  • The Campfire Pack turns a phone into a hand held controller to reduce the learning curve of dedicated controllers and gestural interfaces;
  • The Campfire Scenes app enables users to create, share, and control scenes composed from 40+ types of CAD/3D files;
  • The Campfire Viewer app enables users to work within 3D scenes alone or during video calls using a Campfire Headset, tablet, or phone. 

With Demo Days, Campfire also brings a new approach for companies to experience AR/VR collaboration prior to purchase. “Campfire Demo Days make it easy to experience holographic collaboration without purchasing hardware, or configuring or developing software. Guests can even provide their own 3D models to customize the demo experience for their workflow,” said Jay Wright, CEO of Campfire. 

Graeme Waitzkin, North American Ventures lead at frog, commented: “We are working with Campfire because we believe they are building the next generation of design collaboration. We’re excited to host these events at our studios so others can experience Campfire holographic collaboration for themselves.”

For more information on Campfire and its holographic collaboration for design and engineering workflows, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Campfire

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