FORM announces availability of open water features for its Augmented Reality Smart Swim Goggles

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July 31, 2020 – FORM, the sports technology company behind the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, has this week announced the launch of a free firmware update, which enables swimmers to access open water features by connecting the FORM goggles to a compatible Garmin smartwatch or Apple Watch. Available immediately, the update gives swimmers the ability to view GPS performance metrics like distance, pace, heart rate, elapsed time, and more, in real-time while swimming outdoors.

“We’ve always envisioned the FORM goggles to be used in both the pool and open water, so this launch really completes the experience we’ve been looking to provide to swimmers,” said FORM founder and CEO, Dan Eisenhardt. “We’re excited to be able to launch this at the peak of summer as more swimmers take advantage of their local lakes and beaches. Now, for the first time ever, swimmers can view their performance metrics throughout their entire open water swim.”

The FORM goggles launched in August of 2019, and have provided pool swimmers across the world with the option to view performance metrics in real-time as they swim. With the update, swimmers can now enjoy the same benefits outside of the pool through GPS open water features. The open water features can be accessed through a firmware update on the goggles, and by downloading the FORM data field for compatible Garmin smartwatches, or downloading the FORM Swim App for applicable Apple Watches. Users can then connect the FORM goggles with their preferred smartwatch to access real-time metrics while swimming outdoors.

“The introduction of the FORM goggles has been a game-changer for swimmers, and now with GPS and heart rate tracking available in open water, the goggles will fundamentally change the way we train outdoors,” said professional triathlete and Ironman Champion, Lionel Sanders. “Through the new open water features, swimmers are able to see the metrics that matter most, whether understanding their pacing in real-time, utilizing heart rate data to gauge effort and track efficiency and see distance so you can add structure while swimming in lakes and the ocean. This is a huge leap forward for the sport of open water swimming.”

Compatible smartwatches include the Garmin Forerunner 945, fēnix 6 Pro and fēnix 5 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 5, 4 and 3. FORM has also released a set ‘Goggles Only’ open water features, independent of connecting to a compatible smartwatch, which allow swimmers to see elapsed time, stroke rate, and more in real-time while swimming in open water.

For more information on FORM and its new open water features, visit the company’s website.

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