iQIYI announces presale of its Qiyu 2Pro VR ‘somatosensory game console’

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March 24, 2020 – iQIYI, Inc., an online entertainment service in China, has announced that it has launched the presales for its ‘Qiyu 2Pro VR somatosensory game console’ on e-commerce platforms. iQIYI aims to provide users with an immersive gaming experience thanks to the application of interactive 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) technology to its device. The Qiyu VR 2Pro will sell for a presale price of CNY ¥3,899 and for an official price of CNY ¥3,999 starting April 9th.

“Video, games, and social networking are the three major application scenarios of VR; they also signify the three stages of the VR industry’s development,” said Xiong Wen, CEO of Chongqing iQIYI Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. “Over the past four years, through its strategy of combining ‘software + hardware’ with a ‘content + terminal’ approach, iQIYI has achieved the world’s highest standard in the visual experience of VR. In the future, 5G and AI-based cutting-edge technology are factors that will accelerate iQIYI’s expansion in gaming. With inside-out 6DoF tracking being at the core of VR industry trends and technology, it also plays a big role in the growth strategy of the Qiyu VR product line.”

The Qiyu VR 2Pro features inside-out 6DoF head and hand tracking technology, aided by the configuration of two 6DoF VR controllers. The system is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, and weighs 318 grams, with weight distributed across the front and back to allow users to game comfortably for a longer period of time, according to the company.

Furthermore, iQIYI has partnered with HTC in order to open up its device to the Viveport on-demand VR platform, meaning that the Qiyu VR 2Pro offers more than 300 VR games. The company states that it has worked closely with Viveport on game content and operations in order to develop ultra-HD 3D games that best utilize the Qiyu VR 2Pro’s configuration. iQIYI has also stated that looking forward, it will continue to work to establish partnership with top video game publishers, including NetVios, to create VR games.

iQIYI states has been developing its VR/AR hardware since 2017, as well as technology and content. The company has released its Qiyu VR all-in-one product series, which it states have sold well on Chinese e-commerce platforms including and Tmall. In terms of cross-industry collaboration, iQIYI has explored various opportunities to commercialize its VR capabilities. For example, the Company has worked with hotels on the placement of iQIYI VR products in hotel rooms, while also having been featured in events including Beijing International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

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