Magic Leap announces availability of Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro – Early Access Edition

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July 19, 2022 – Enterprise spatial computing company Magic Leap has recently announced that it is opening up sales of Magic Leap 2 with pre-release (beta) software for developers. As a result, Magic Leap 2 with Developer Pro – Early Access is available now to interested developers in the US via the company’s partner, Insight, for a price of USD $3,299.99.

This follows the company’s other recent announcement on the general availability of its Magic Leap 2 headset, which will feature innovations for advanced, immersive AR solutions, including an open platform, proprietary optics breakthroughs, dynamic dimming, powerful computing, and a small, light form factor. The Magic Leap 2 device will be available on September 30, 2022.

Magic Leap stated that this edition of its headset will enable enterprise augmented reality (AR) software developers to build and test applications for Magic Leap 2. By providing them with access to enterprise edition OS features as they become available from the company, developers will be able to begin preparing enterprise AR solutions ahead of general availability of the Magic Leap 2 in September 2022.

Magic Leap 2 with Developer Pro –  Early Access edition includes:

  • Hardware and accessories, including Magic Leap 2, a variety of fit, charging, and carrying accessories, and the QR code to access the company’s Quick Start and Safety Guide;
  • Pre-release software to develop and test Magic Leap 2 applications—including porting from Magic Leap 1 and other AR devices;
  • Developer resources and support, including developer tools, sample projects, monthly early releases, and limited time offers of up to USD $600 in Google Cloud credits and 50,000 free minutes on Agora’s real-time engagement platform.

Buyers will also be offered a free upgrade (worth USD $800 in value) to the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro once it is generally available. Magic Leap noted that the Developer Pro edition is recommended for use in the development and testing of applications, but use in full commercial deployments or production environments is not permitted.

Where to buy Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro – Early Access edition

Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro – Early Access edition was made available last week on July 15, and developers will be able to purchase it until September 29, 2022. After the general availability date on September 30, the Early Access edition will no longer be available. Delivery of Developer Pro – Early Access edition units is expected to begin August 2022.

For developers interested in purchasing the device from Magic Leap’s partner Insight, click here. For more information on Magic Leap and its Magic Leap 2 enterprise augmented reality device, please visit the company’s website.

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