MasterpieceVR announces release of its 3D Virtual Reality content creation suite, ‘Masterpiece Studio’

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December 16, 2019 – MasterpieceVR has today announced the release of Masterpiece Studio, a 3D content creation suite that combines the company’s 3D modeling software, Masterpiece Creator, with 3D model rigging software, Masterpiece Motion. Masterpiece Studio uses virtual reality and machine learning to enable users without technical 3D modeling skills and animation experience to make 3D content in minutes.

The Masterpiece Studio platform immerses users in their creations in scalable 3D, thanks to the combination of the Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion 3D platforms. Masterpiece Creator is the evolution of MasterpieceVR’s first-generation 3D clay and mesh sculpting software, and Masterpiece Motion lets users quickly rig, skin, pose and apply pre-made animations to their 3D models.

“Masterpiece Studio is a first of its kind VR creative suite that is a cost-effective solution to rapidly go from idea to usable 3D assets,” said Jon Gagne, CEO, MasterpieceVR. “The suite’s feature set lets creators make professional 3D assets extremely fast and can be adopted into an existing workflow in just hours.”

Gagne added: “Creatives and artists no longer have to worry about technology being a barrier to making 3D content. Anyone can learn this software and adopt it into their existing workflow in just hours,”

Masterpiece Studio includes all of the features of the creation tools of the original MasterpieceVR and Motion apps, with the addition of: Layers, which allow users to create expansive & detailed professional projects with unlimited clay and mesh layers; and Scene Graph, which enables users to sort, select, and modify every object in a scene. Users can also apply pre-made animations from MasterpieceVR’s library of animations.

Furthermore, Masterpiece Studio allows users to export their creations, as the platform is compatible with most 3D programs, including but not limited to 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset, Blender, Medium, Tvori, Flipside, and more.

Commenting on the platform, Bjorn Book-Larsson, VP and Head of Viveport, said: “Masterpiece Studio is an exceptional creative tool for our Viveport users who want to be immersed in their creativity. This VR software is a real game-changer for 3D content creation – letting anyone learn, create, and animate in 3D.”

On how Masterpiece Studio assisted with his projects, Nathaniel Smith, Associate Producer at Darkslope, commented: “Motion dramatically improved the time we spent rigging characters that were both humanoid and non-humanoid. Painting skin weights in VR has to be one of the most naturally intuitive ways I’ve ever rigged a character”. He added, “In a hyper-competitive industry where turnaround time is everything, I can’t see us letting go of Masterpiece Studio anytime soon.”

Video credit: MasterpieceVR/YouTube

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