Nextech AR launches its new Digital Experience Platform ‘Nextech AR LiveX’

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April 7, 2021 – Nextech AR, a provider of augmented reality (AR) solutions for e-commerce, learning applications, video conferencing and virtual events, has announced the launch of its Digital Experience Platform (DXP) ‘Nextech AR LiveX’.

Nextech used its recently launched AR LiveStreaming technology to “holoport” the company CEO, Evan Gappelberg, as a hologram into the homes of users yesterday in order to showcase the LiveX DXP, as well as some of the platform’s augmented reality capabilities.

The LiveX platform allows companies to create their own fully branded virtual events in order to reach a wider range of attendees. Features of LiveX include the ability to include live and pre-recorded broadcasts, chat sessions, polls, Q&A sessions and networking events. The platform also offers multi-language options. Additionally companies have the ability to view live dashboard analytics that measure audience engagement, exhibit and sponsorship sales, as well as content impressions.

Furthermore, in addition to the human hologram functionality noted above, LiveX also allows for the inclusion of AR portals that can transport the audience to a different virtual destination, as well as the ability to implement AR visualizations of 3D product models.

The LiveX platform can also be used through a companion app that allows virtual event guests to explore event experiences using a mobile device whilst in their own personal home or office space.

For more information on Nextech AR’s LiveX Digital Experience Platform and to book a demo visit the LiveX website.

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