Novarad announces strategic alliance with network of neurosurgical and spine distribution partners across the US

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September 9, 2022 – Novarad Corporation, a provider of healthcare technologies, has recently announced a strategic alliance with a network of well-established specialty neurosurgical and spine distribution partners within the US to help it distribute its augmented reality (AR) surgical navigation technology to physicians and hospitals accorss the country.

Novarad’s patented innovation transforms both surgeries and medical education by providing real-time viewing of anatomy and critical structures on the patient. VisAR, Novarad’s augmented reality surgical navigation technology, transforms a patient’s imaging data and superimposes it as a 3D hologram onto a patient, with sub-millimeter accuracy. Visible through an optical visor, these AR overlays allow surgeons to focus directly on their objectives without looking away to a separate monitor.

VisAR overlaying a patient’s spine and pelvis onto the patient’s body.

Novarad stated that VisAR’s size and scalability can benefit physicians and hospitals alike, and the system marks a step towards making surgical guidance widely available and economically feasible, as it helps to reduce the amount of costly impediments and timely setups that often force surgeons to work without navigation.

The initial network covers locations from the Eastern seaboard to Texas, with additional partners to be added throughout the entire US in the Q4 quarter of 2022. According to the company, the medical device distributors that it has partnered with bring widespread experience and a strong local presence to support the growth of Novarad’s new VisAR and OpenSight product lines.

The regional specialty distributors that comprise this network have brought unique solutions and cutting-edge technologies to neurosurgical and spine markets for more than 30 years,” said Jim Bazzinotti, President, US Neurosurgical.

Dr. Wendell Gibby, Novarad’s founder and CEO, commented: “this is transformational technology that provides the precision of a robot, the portability of a stethoscope and the versatility of human powered intelligence.” Dr. Gibby, addressing the significance of VisAR, added: “Like a surgical GPS, VisAR provides a roadmap to guide the surgeon to the pathology of interest.”

To learn more about Novarad’s distribution network and its VisAR surgical guidance system, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Novarad

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