Realize Medical releases remote collaboration feature for its ‘Elucis’ VR platform for 3D content creation and sharing

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November 18, 2020 – Realize Medical, Inc. has announced the release of its new integrated remote networked collaboration feature in its medical virtual reality (VR) platform, ‘Elucis’. Users in healthcare and education can now meet with their peers in the Elucis collaborative VR environment, which offers a secure solution for communicating 3D content in a time where options for physical interactions are more restricted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With Elucis, users are able to connect in a shared virtual environment that allows for the full simultaneous creation and editing of 3D models from medical images. Internal remote collaborations are facilitated with a single click by storing a project database on a network drive or institutionally approved cloud storage drive of choice. Elucis also allows for projects to be exported, enabling users to collaborate externally and share work securely.

Realize Medical added that in order to maximize security of information, the telemetry that facilitates remote interactions on the platform never contains image or 3D structure data and voice communication is always encrypted. As a result, personal health information and image data are maintained entirely within the custody of users at all times.

“It’s widely recognized that exceptional healthcare is facilitated by a collaborative approach and the pandemic has forced us to get creative about how we communicate and share content with one another,” said Justin Sutherland, CEO and Co-Founder of Realize Medical. “Creating 3D models of patient anatomy in Elucis has the potential to enhance patient care but only if that high-quality content can be safely and easily shared with the entire surgical planning team in a meaningful way. With VR collaborative environments, the possibilities are vast. The medium really is the message.”

According to Realize Medical, one example of the collaborative benefits of its platform is from The Ottawa Hospital where physician users of Elucis connect with each other to create and collaborate in a shared virtual environment, as well as create sessions with Realize Medical experts in order to be taught its features in a live learning session.

Commenting on the benefits of Elucis and how the platform can help to combat the disruption that education systems have witnessed during the time of COVID-19, Sonya Deveau, Director of Sales and Business Development at Realize Medical, said: “Research shows we retain more information and can better apply what we have learned after participating in virtual reality exercises.” She added, “We’re excited to see how remote collaboration in Elucis will further enhance education and student engagement.”

For more information on Realize Medical and its virtual reality collaboration solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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