Red 6 completes first multi-aircraft training flight that utilizes Augmented Reality


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June 7, 2022 – Red 6, an augmented reality (AR) technology firm that provides applications for military air combat training, has recently announced that it has successfully flown its first multi-aircraft training flight against multiple augmented reality assets.

According to the company, with this successful flight test, Red 6 was able to connect multiple live aircraft into one common AR environment, outdoors and up in the sky, marking a significant technical milestone for the company. Ultimately, Red 6 is hoping to usher in a new frontier of AR-based combat training for fighter pilots.

“We are thrilled that our thesis has been validated and this achievement is a major step forward towards the creation of an outdoor Military Metaverse in which all warfighters, across all domains can train together,” said Daniel Robinson, Founder and CEO of Red 6.

Two Red 6 Test Pilots took off in Berkut 540’s from California’s Santa Monica Airport. Upon entering Red 6’s Combined Augmented Reality Battlespace Operation Network (CARBON), over Ventura County, each pilot could see and interact with the same AR generated KC-46 Pegasus Tanker, from their respective aircraft. Red 1 conducted a training mission on the AR refueling Tanker while Red 2 was able to observe Red 1 and the AR Tanker in real time.

“Never has it been possible for multiple pilots to communicate simultaneously in AR like this. Today was a historic milestone for not just Red 6, but for the overall AR industry. One day this training will produce the most elite War Fighters in the world,” stated Brandon Harris, F-22 and Red 6 Test Pilot.

Red 6’s technology on display at AWE USA 2022.      Image credit: Auganix.

The flights expand upon Red 6’s live dogfight against an AI-driven virtual aircraft two years ago. The flight showcased the display and control systems needed to bring AR into the real world, while simultaneously integrating tactical AI into the Red 6 system.

“Red 6 continues to expand beyond what was previously thought possible. Synthetic training environments are going to grow exponentially in the future and Red 6 plans to be a huge part of that growth and success,” concluded Robinson.

For more information on Red 6 and its augmented reality training solutions for fighter pilots, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Red 6 / Auganix

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