Samsung announces collaboration with WPP’s VML and Barrows for Connected Pop-Up store system

May 17, 2017 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has announced a collaboration with WPP companies VML, a marketing agency, and Barrows, retail marketing specialists, to develop pop-up stores. Showcased last week at WPP’s Global Retail Forum, the ‘Connected Pop-Up’ store powered by Samsung is a system that will enable brands and retailers to activate short-term, temporary retail opportunities.

Pop-up stores can deliver experiences for consumers and opportunities for retailers, without the need to make a long-term commitment to a physical space. According to industry database PopUp Republic, ‘pop-ups’ have grown into a $50 billion industry in the US (as of March 2016).

The Connected Pop-Up store powered by Samsung is a turn-key model that considers elements of a successful pop-up; ideation, location scouting, logistics, staffing, Point-of-Sale (POS) fulfilment, real-time customer engagement and content creation. This is combined with technologies from Samsung, including an IoT (Internet of Things) dashboard, which captures store data and provides retail analytics and insights into store activity.

Samsung stated that there are three keys to the Connected Pop-Up stores:

  1. Intelligence – The Connected Pop-Up incorporates a range of technologies: IoT retail analytics and insights, targeted smart signage, POS transactions, and virtual and augmented reality.
  2. Affordability – The Connected Pop-Up utilizes a tiered rental model, with several levels that differ on size of footprint, technology inclusions and extent of the activation.
  3. On-Demand – The Connected Pop-Up is a modular construction that can be assembled in a variety of ways and customized to suit an individual brand’s requirements, so it can be put together quickly.

In addition to Samsung’s IoT technology, the Connected Pop-Up includes targeted smart signage such as the Samsung’s ML55E Digital Mirror Displays that combine digital signage, reflective mirror technology and proximity sensors. Also featured are capabilities to help retailers deliver personalized in-store digital merchandising and point-of-purchase, as well as transaction-enablement with POS technology and Samsung Pay. Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus and augmented reality solutions enable further digital experiences in-store. These technologies were recently showcased at WPP’s event in a digital shop experience at the expo.

“The retail industry has seen rapid growth of pop-up stores and Samsung is capturing a shift in the space with our pop-up store technology offering,” said Ted Brodheim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics America. “By incorporating exciting technologies such as IoT into the pop-up store solution, we can create better experiences for shoppers, as well as a more affordable solution for retailers that provides on-demand service and access to valuable data with greater intelligence.”

“This is all about the intersection of physical and digital retail,” said Jon Bird, Executive Director, Global Retail and Shopper Marketing at VML. “That’s where retail is going, and our ability to bring our digital expertise to clients in the retail space excites us. This is a re-invention of how technology can work in a temporary space and our role has been to contribute thinking on the Connected Pop-Up consumer experience.”

Steffen Schenk, Business Unit Director at Barrows, said: “Our team focused on creating a modular system that truly enables brands to tell their stories through technology.” He added, “We believe that the Connected Pop Up rental business model will revolutionize the way brands and retailers execute pop ups.”

Gwen Morrison, CEO, The Store, The Americas, commented: “The ‘Connected Pop-Up’ overcomes the inherent hurdles in technology deployment, cost, execution quality and logistics.”

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Image credit: Connected Pop-up/Barrows North America

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